Mystery of 13 Human Feet Washing Ashore Finally Solved

The strange mystery of human feet washing up on the U.S. shore has finally been solved after years of unanswered questions.

Since August 2007, beachgoers have discovered multiple severed feet washed up on the shore of the Salish Sea, many of them still in a sock or in a shoe.

The first two feet, which are believed to be the from the same corpse, were discovered by a little girl within a week of each other.

At the time, coroner Rose Stanton told CBC News, “Both feet were decomposing, but still had flesh on them.”

In 2017, the 13th foot was recorded. But the terrifying discoveries still remained a mystery.

According to coroner Barb McLintock, the most likely explanation is that bodies that end up in the ocean are eventually preyed upon by ocean creatures, as reported by the National Post.

Crustaceans known as lazy feeders will look for the easiest way to get a good meal. That means they will likely target softer spots of the body, like the ankle and knee, because they are easier entry points to the body as they are largely made of soft tissue and ligaments rather than bone.

It is also believed the bizarre finds only began when lighter and more buoyant shoes became available – meaning any detached foot is more likely to rise to the surface and wash ashore.

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