A North Carolina mother allegedly forced her 4-year-old daughter to stand in a laundry room for three straight days as a punishment, resulting in the child’s death last year, new search warrants reportedly reveal.

Majelic Young, 4, died last year, but her remains weren’t discovered until late May when investigators found the little girl’s body in her own backyard in north Charlotte, according to FOX 46 in Charlotte.

The girl hadn’t been seen since late summer of last year before her body was found. Her mother, 31-year-old Malikah Bennett, has been charged with her alleged murder and child abuse.

Bennett allegedly wouldn’t allow her daughter to sit down or take bathroom breaks while she was in the laundry room last August. The child grew so weak by the third day that she fell backward out of the door and hit her head, the girl’s 13-year-old sister told investigators.

The sister said that her sibling died after the third day. She added that after her mother unsuccessfully tried CPR and failed, the mother wrapped the child’s body in two plastic bags and placed her in the trunk of her SUV without notifying authorities of her death.

After the smell of the corpse became so bad, Bennett allegedly buried the girl in a shallow grave in her backyard. Bennett forced the 13-year-old sister to help bury her younger sister, the teen claimed.

“It’s a struggle every day but we continue to pray and have faith,” the girls’ aunt, Sabrina Baker, said last month.

Young’s aunt Kendra Wade told FOX 46 that Bennett appeared emotionless in court last month. “She don’t care,” she said.

Before the girl’s body was found, Bennett would allegedly tell people that her daughter was visiting another family member or a different lie about why she hadn’t been seen, according to FOX 46.

The girl’s grandmother, Tammy Moffett, was also charged with concealing a death and as an accessory after the fact, WBTV reported.

7 thoughts on “4-Year-Old Dies After Mother Forces Her to Stand for 3 Days Straight”
  1. Why didn’t they 13 year old help her sister or at least get help? That mother should get more than jail time for that or at least give her a cell where she has to stand forever.

  2. That person doesn’t deserve to have no rights, seeing how she treated a little 4 year old girl. They should make her stand for 3 days straight with the same treatment she dished out to her daughter.

  3. Another supposed mother. Gotta admit radical left,education and democrats have done their job.. children are a commodity from conception, too birth , to abortion too school propaganda. Removed all parental rights , turned are kids into too passive,killing robots. AND THEY ARE DMN PROUD OF IT. LIKE A TEACHER TOLD ME WITH TEETH SNARLING,DONT YOU EVER TELL MY STUDENTS NO.

  4. God help the remaining child,
    how do you forgive a mother like that ? hope she rots in jail.
    neighbors, friends, relatives need to be more observant to those around them.

  5. The mom and grandma should be charged with the severest charges. Should make them stand in a corner for 3 days with no bathroom or eating break. What is wrong with this wretches. Grand mom should have reported the death asap. They deserve whatever they get. Big Mom in prison will get them. Reap what u sow.

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