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Latinos May Hold the Answer to Election Winner

In Siler City, where poultry trucks scatter feathers on the roads, Janet Pulido knocked on doors in a heavily Latino mobile home park on a recent autumn weekend, hoping to get out the vote. At Interfood Plaza Latina in Raleigh, Sarahi Gonzalez held a sign in Spanish that read, “Register to vote here. Citizen? Over 18?” The first person the ...

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SpaceX Schedules Another Major Launch Test

spacex rocket

Elon Musk, head of SpaceX, has announced via Twitter that the company’s SN8 rocket will take a test flight sometime next week. The plan is for the rocket is to soar up to 60,000 feet (18,300 meters) and then return to Earth in a controlled landing. SN8 is one in a line of SpaceX’s Starships that are predecessors to vehicles ...

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Are We All Aliens?

A month or so ago, the internet was exploding with ridicule of President Trump for supporting a doctor who believed that “alien DNA” was being used in certain vaccines and medications. While that idea has been widely rejected by most mainstream scientists, there is a legitimate theory that suggests we ALL might have some “alien DNA.” The theory is called ...

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Super-Yachts Are Flocking to Croatia and Turkey

Forget Spain for a summer holiday overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Croatia and Turkey are the up and coming destinations for international super-yachts. With some European countries reimposing restrictions to avoid another Covid-19 flareup, the ultra-rich are abandoning some of their traditional mooring spots. At least 63 mega-yachts are now sailing off Turkey, the most since 2017 and up from 26 ...

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Madonna Supports Trump’s COVID Cure

It seems that most celebrates lean far left, and are often arrayed against Donald Trump. But not all of them. Of course, there is Kanye’s well-known support of the president, and now another “big name” has come out supporting the president’s controversial position on COVID and hydroxychloroquine. As you know, from early on in the pandemic, the President has promoted ...

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Howard Stern’s Surprising Advice To Ellen DeGeneres

Howard Stern is giving Ellen DeGeneres free crisis PR tips. On Monday’s Howard Stern Show, the shock jock spoke about the scandal surrounding the Ellen DeGeneres Show, which is under investigation amid toxic workplace claims. Stern said that DeGeneres, whose “be kind” image has been called into question amid the behind-the-scenes turmoil, should return to TV when the new season ...

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Disney Has No Idea What It’s Doing With ‘Mulan’

Who wants to pay $30 to watch the live action Mulan remake on Disney+? No seriously, who? I’m asking, because Disney also seems pretty confused about this whole thing. And I’m fairly sure they’re just making everything up as they go along. Disney announced during its earnings call that the long-awaited Mulan would arrive on Disney+ on September 4th as ...

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