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Survive The Apocalypse In These Doomsday Bunkers

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The Aristocrat

luxury doomsday bunkers the aristocrat
The Aristocrat isn’t trying to hide the fact that it’s bougie AF. The luxury bomb shelter complex charges more than $8.3 million to own personalized bunker and the brand markets itself as being “practical, self-sustainable living with lavish aesthetics and the comfort of modern living.” Super spacious underground, The Aristocrat is enough to fit all four of your supercars and a Rocket Z apocalypse SUV, a gun range, bowling alley, sauna, pool room, green house and more. You definitely won’t feel cramped or restricted in this underground mansion. Your bunker can run both on and off the grid and there’s an extra above-ground safe house if you need a little sun. Keep in mind, if the grid flatlines, your massive TV probably won’t run on solar power.

Survival Condo Penthouse

Trident Lakes

luxury doomsday bunkers trident lakes map 800x800

Disneyland for nuclear disaster, Trident Lakes prides itself on being a five-star resort equipped for security, survivability, and sustainability. Putting a new spin on “gated community,” this 670-acre compound in Extor, Texas, can withstand an armed invasion while still allowing its residents to have a blast. There’s a driving range, polo field, lagoon, gun range, adventure course, and of course, personal underground living spaces with above-ground terraces. Best of both worlds, amiright? There’s room for 3,000 people, which is about 2,300 more people than live in Ector city limits. Be prepared to dish out anything between $449,000 and $1,949,000. Mickey Mouse probably won’t be there.

Silo Home

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  2. it is ok if you are wealthy. What about us average or poor people??

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