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Maine Is Considering Physical Fitness Standards for Some School Employees

The state of Maine is considering new physical fitness requirements for school bus drivers.

Officials are considering the new standards along with other new safety requirements, including seat belts on all large school buses and clearer standards for annual driver physicals.

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The push for new standards is inspired by a December 2017 crash in Oakland, Iowa, that killed a 74-year-old driver and a 16-year-old student. An investigation found a lack of physical fitness testing contributed to the crash.

The Portland Press Herald reports Maine is among 44 states that don’t require physical performance tests for drivers. The National Transportation Safety Board has urged the states to do so in the wake of the Iowa crash.

10 thoughts on “Maine Is Considering Physical Fitness Standards for Some School Employees

  1. Physical fitness standards are a good idea but WHAT ABOUT MORAL STANDARDS? I’m a former Police Officer and Teacher and I’m appalled at what’s been going on in our Country’s schools (all the way from Pre-K through college) from teaching little kids about deviate sex to indoctrinating ALL kids (and CENSORING Free Speech) right through College (to say nothing about teachers having sex with students!)

  2. I drove school bus for several years, although I agree withe physical requirements, I have mixed feelings about seat belts. young children, in a stressful situation tend to get upset and may panic and could well experience severe trauma in a situation where they could not undo the seat belts, even adults, in such a situation, have had problems with disengaging seat belts.
    In addition, seat belts, which have metal buckles and latches make great weapons when the riders, usually in the mid and upper teens, are from separate areas or have grudges against a neighbor. These occasions happen in all economic classes.

  3. Ya sure! Next they’ll be going for health workers. The government including the state needs to stay out of our business!

  4. While I can agree with the necessity of assuring safety measures I believe that parents would benefit greatly by questioning and demanding full knowledge of the curriculum being offered to students for any given school grade. Where does this curriculum come from??? Who approves the subjects and methods used to teach students. It appears that classrooms have become more of an indoctrination procedure than educational benefit. Some of you may remember the incident whereby a teacher required young students to “sing” a PRAISE song about President Obama. And gradually this indoctrination has become a standard reaching all the way to college with liberal professors, who control students passing grades, require students to “think” their way or fail a class. It appears that some schools have literally taken over young minds and instead of teaching the “ol reliable subjects” have turned to teaching students political propaganda. And if you look at the participation of these young people in these street protest it seems to be working for the democrats.

    1. I agree! I was a teacher for 25 years! We were told not to give our opinion on anything. I didn’t! I taught the curriculum which had none of the nonsense we are seeing today. I live in the South! My granddaughter went to a different school. She had a particular substitute teacher regularly whom all the kids liked. He persuaded the seniors to vote for Obama. This was wrong and I had a little talk with my granddaughter and she didn’t vote for him. I wish I had confronted him but I didn’t. He was an elderly man and I didn’t want to be responsible if he had a heart attack or something. I know I was wrong for not saying something.

  5. This should be implemented on ALL Police. Have you seen all the FAT fucking police? They shoot first because they cant fucking run.

  6. This should be implemented on ALL Police. Have you seen all the fat police? They shoot first because they are so fat they can’t run. School resource officers also FAT. Security guards FAT!!! The people who need to be fit in this country are the fat ones. BUS DRIVERS? How about that fat teacher who never gets out of her chair in the classroom? How about the FAT food service workers? Fat Nurse? Fat Principle? BUS DRIVER? it’s a part-time job and this is the kind of change you (our smart people) think will help our schools and children? Please get a clue, smart people and I use that term loosely.

  7. Once worked for a school & saw a 250 lb. lady coaching girls & some very obese teachers ! There should be a standard for all , coaches should be fit & bus drivers should be in excellent health to be transporting children ! The DOT standards are not tight enough in most states . The problem is that it is hard to hire bus drivers to transport students that they have no way to control & want them to work for such a low pay. Busing is one of the worst things that ever happen to our schools.

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