Does it seem that Muslims are relatively immune to the impact of the spreading coronavirus?

It is true that the Islamic world is not suffering from COVID-19 to the degree that non-Muslim nations are. But, according to practitioners of Islam, this has nothing to do with any kind of “natural immunity” but simply because Muslims who follow the teaching of the Koran are “cleaner” than “infidels.”

The idea is that those who follow Allah’s commandments and the prophet’s examples have a much better chance of evading diseases than non-Muslims do.

Muslims here and abroad are certainly boasting that this is the case, considering how little the coronavirus has spread among Islamic nations.  They attribute this boon to Islam’s ritual washing (wudu); they are also quoting a hadith where Muhammad reportedly said, “Cleanliness is from belief,” as proof that the more a Muslim submits to the teachings of Islam, the “cleaner” — and therefore healthier — a Muslim becomes.

Of course, any teaching or axiom that extolls cleanliness is beneficial in these troubled times. However, it is hardly enough to boast of immunity from the virus by followers of Islam. Also, keep in mind that the ritual washing prescribed in the Koran, is for prayers and spiritual reasons, and not necessarily for personal hygiene, so again for Muslims to claim they are inherently cleaner than non-Muslims, is not true.

Please understand, the purpose of this piece is not in any way about shaming Muslims. It is only to explode the myth about Muslim boasts that say that the more someone follows Islam, the “cleaner” they will be, and therefore less prone to catching COVID-19.

The main reason Islamic countries seen to be affected less by COVID-19 has more to do with their restrictive travel policies, than any religious beliefs. As the virus spreads, the number of cases in Islamic countries will undoubtedly grow as well.

The bottom line is, to prevent the spread of this disease, you have to stay home, practice social distancing when you must go out, and wash your hands regularly – it does not matter what your race, creed, or religion is.

We are all in this together.


43 thoughts on “Muslims Are Immune To COVID-19?”
  1. This is a load of crock as Iran is in one of the worst hit by the virus. Not sure whatthe realjest of this article is but it is far from the truth.

      1. Mine as well. Then there are Muslim “hygiene” practices, and social practices which do not lend well to immunity.

      1. So, so are saying that only the Iranian sect of Islam is getting sick. Pretty far fetched, but one can make a bloody fortune with approach. Go fo it!

      2. Iran is the only nation that is being watched closely by our government. Other Muslim countries are probably having same death rates but we do not know about them as less information is coming out of them.

        1. Agree. The Muslim countries having problems aren’t going to reveal this to US. They don’t have open society,press.

      3. Do you think for a minute that the Muslims tell us the truth about the spread of the virus in their respective countries?
        How naive can you be!

    1. I was going to point to Iran also, which is one of the hardest hit countries by the Chinese virus! America is a MUCH larger nation and we also have MANY more international travelers! Yet, by percentage we have fewer cases and deaths!

      1. I believe that Muslims do not make use of Bathroom
        Tissue, at all. They consider it UN-NECESSARY.
        I would think that this fact alone, would put them in the Class of “ Dirtiest People on Earth”

    2. Very true, we are all in this together, but granted muslims do keep their women inside alot, they only are doing chores, and grocery shopping when out usually. The men they gather, but limited I would think now. But the coronavirus is worldwide, and only the highly and rather normal immuned fight this off better than
      others not so healthy. Babies, Young, Middle, and Old and Seniors are all in this together. So, pray to your Supreme Leader Jesus, to make this slow and get vaccine. It works believe me. If you don’t just try anyway and see for yourself. You will know when you Pray to Jesus because he answers you in your body and you feel the holy spirit working, true facts. God Bless and Keep All Safe As Possible.

  2. I agree with JC – Iran is being hit hardest!! This article is flat out wrong. Please take it down.

  3. What gives this idiot the right to broadcast their version of the facts?
    If you’ve ever been to a Muslim nation you know their personal hygiene practices are far removed than those practiced in civilized countries.
    Long story short, you don’t want to downwind of a Muslim on a warm day!

  4. A Muslim must have written this cock & bull. Iran will tell you how Muslims are immune. Bunch of nonsense.

  5. If you look at the map of the world and most of the Islam world is a hot dry or humid climate,but there case of COV-19 in Iran ,Egypt ,Pakistan, India,Bangladesh but it seem that it Sub Saharan Africa is not get hit as bad as the rest of the world which for the most of South America. So no religion is a immune to this disease

  6. I agree with both of the previous comments and will be marking your email as spam and unsubscribing from any future emails from you “Fake News” website. If you love this asshole s so much why don’t you go over there!

  7. How are they dealing with the lack of toilet paper. Can you get back to us on that. TOILET PAPER used in the bathroom by some.

  8. They decapitate anyone found with the virus, that way the victim can’t spread it and we all benifit by it. A dead Muslim terrorizes no one.

  9. Dont have a clue about the validity of such a claim but if i was a COVID virus I wouldnt want to touch qnything so dirty either !!!

    1. Just like no one with half a brain believes the mainstream media is going to believe this crock! Weren’t they complaining the virus was spreading too fast because of them kissing objects where they go worship?! Oh yeah and China is reporting the truth about their infected too!! And there is a gold pot at the end of every Rainbow!

      1. Being Muslim is not a race, it is a chosen religious beliefs. This article pushed the false pretense that being Muslim is a race somehow immune to the coronavirus. What a crock.

  10. Muslims who are strict adherents never wash with soap. This is a little known fact among ignorant Americans. So if there was a much larger population of them here in America you’d see it explode here

  11. While in Afghanistan in 2013, 14 and again in 2019, i can assure you that “westerners” are much more and consistently cleaner than a Muslim. I have personally witnessed them squat, do their business and clean themselves with their right hand. This practice is commonplace.

  12. I would suspect the coronavirus/COVID-19 is more prevalent in Islam controlled countries that Islam will admit. Always remember under the laws of the Islam theocracy lying to non-Islam citizens is ALWAYS acceptable – especially to make Islam look good. The other thing to remember is that Islam is not a religion, it is a theocracy rooted in depravity and violence. Then note what JC mentioned in relation to Iran which is being controlled by Islam dictators.

    I expect as Islam citizens go into and out of Saudi Arabia to worship Hubal, the god (allah means “the god”) of Islam, I expect more Islam citizens to spread the virus. And based upon reports of various medical issues Islam citizens tend to have due to the way they live I expect more deaths due to the virus and other medical conditions.

    1. Good observations. I suspect a click-bait article, and for me it worked. A couple of point I’d like to add.
      1: It’s the soap added to the water that makes the difference. It encapsulates the virus by all accounts. And the water carries it all away.
      2: Muslims the world over, get coughs, colds and the flu just as readily as non-muslims.
      Hhere’s another theory that’s gaining traction. The whole heavily politicised in order for law enforcement to be re-jigged. look out folks we could be entering a one world police force phase where the real bad guy is a virus. So many possibilities for a vivid imagination. I wonder … if I could design a police hat for a vaccine I’d make billions…
      Go back to sleep George

  13. what will be interesting to see down the road, is if Muslim men are infected at a significantly greater rate than Muslim women. Since many of the women keep their faces covered, this might play a significant part in their keeping the virus under control? Just a thought…..

  14. To the canard that purports that Muslim countries are immune to Covid19. Here are some serious stats released by John Hopkins to disprove it.
    Egypt 656
    Qatar 693
    Iraq 630
    UAE 611
    Algeria 543
    Morocco 534
    Bahrain 515
    Tunisia 312
    Jordan 268
    Kuwait 266
    Oman 179
    Westbank 116
    Sudan 6
    The virus doesn’t discriminate against any religion, creed, nationality or ethnic group. It strikes anywhere and everywhere. The rich, the poor, the noble and the forlorn. Wudu or abolition is done with plain water with no soap or sanitizer. Social distancing is unheard of in the Muslim world. They pray, eat, greet with handshakes and three kisses one on the left cheek and two on the right cheek. They commingled with one another relentlessly. Solidarity and social closeness is a common way of their lives, it stems from their creed, faith, and teachings. To suggest that Muslims are immune to the virus is akin to saying that the sun rises from the west. It is an insult to the reader’s intelligence.

  15. I think the virus can transmit via ano- oral rout also in addition to respiratory system, that’s why infected patients develope diarrhea, so here is the difference that muslim community wash the area after bowel motion while others use a napkin papers. This is in brief, just think about it. It is the same thing when doctors all over the world believe in (Circumcision) and it’s medical benefit from all aspects and again it’s a Muslim order, and now it’s done to everybody born in USA at the day 2 after birth. Just think about it.

  16. Golly Gee lets go ask, Iran’s thousands dead dying from it and growing daily, or other Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Saudi Arabia or Iraq for starters.

  17. That’s a pretty stupid statement. Not to say racist as the democrats would say. What about the thousands who died in Iran, etc. Think before you write something so stupid. Are you really a journalist.

  18. Being Muslim is a religion not a race or nationality and people in Indonesia are getting this Wuhan Corona Virus and its an Islamic Country just like Iran!

  19. What a poppycock full of bullschitt article, remember they are born to LIE , to everyone that is not a muslim.

  20. Muslim are filthy I was in Afghanistan for 10 years working. They whip their ass with their hand then eat with it. The shower like once a month. Gross dirty people. The woman as well


  22. Muslims are not immune, but follow the tenets of the Biblical, Judaic, Koranic dietary laws that in Daniel talks about eating for ten days of food that doesn’t have a mother ( Fruits &Veggies). Once a year.

  23. To the contrary, it has nothing to do with Mohammad, or their religion, I believe Americans shower and bath often, lowering their immune system, while Islamic people, do not bath often, leaving a very pungent smell, no diseases would dare to evade them. In fact, more Islamic die from being killed, or suicide, then any type of disease.

  24. this leaves a lot to the imagination….Their facts are wrong .Muslims around the world are suffering from the corona19+…just like every one else!!!

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