On Saturday evening during an interview with MSNBC host Al Sharpton, Senator Kamala Harris showed off her ‘new’ face which appeared to be stuck while reacting to the death of Congressman John Lewis.

It is unclear if the camera was warped or if the Senator recently went through a face surgery.

The Twitter world quickly made sure to react to the video.

“Excited for Kamala Harris cosmetic surgery twitter,” tweeted Stephen L. Miller.

“What did Kamala Harris do to her face?” said conservative Twitter user Kambree.

Ali Alexander tweeted: “Who did Kamala Harris’ cosmetic surgery during the pandemic lockdown?”

Check out the side-by-side shot of Harris just one week apart.

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84 thoughts on “Is She Okay? Kamala Harris’s Face Appears ‘Stuck’ During Live Interview”
  1. Oh my—too much Botox??? Leave the Botox for its original use—pain relief for people with neurological disorders. Hope her face stays that way—hilarious!!
    Vain B***H

        1. She got that face because she is called heals up Harris if you know what I mean.

        1. Actually is given for serious migraines. Very expensive (1,200) a treatment, but it does help alleviate them.
          But- sure doesn’t leave you looking like this freak.

          1. It’s not expensive when you have govt healthcare. I used to get it for painful neurological disorder—couldn’t afford it anymore. I think for migraines it goes into the head, not the face.

          1. AntiChrist? Lmao!
            Is that what
            dumbocrats are saying these days?

            Christians overwhelming voted Trump…
            And will again…

      1. It looks like my sack is on her face. Ugly then, uglier now. Way to go Kamala. While Im on the subject…Why is every Dem female so damn fat and ugly anyway??

    1. It does not even look like the crazy lady….she is not the same shade and has a gap between her teeth in the pic on the right, does not look like her….botox does not seperate teeth….crack does 😜😜 and whats up with her eyes…they look darker with no whites around them….and why do her ears look higher compared to her jaw line……people keep mentioning clones or doubles….well i could go with that for this one…

      1. I was thinking same thing! Before I read article my first thought it was ad for new movie of someone being possessed by demon, creepy black eyes! Someone had to edit her face as joke cuz she doesn’t look like this lol well at least I don’t think she does

    2. She looks like a Cheshire Cat. Oh…. that’s right, she is a cat. The nasty scratch your eyes out kind.

  2. That’s not a dimple on her chin…it’s her belly button.

    She used to be one of the few Democrat women that didn’t blind you when you looked at her. Now…just another butt-ugly Democrat!

    1. That’s not surgery. Glad we’re paying for this while people are going without food. Unbelievable

      1. How much do you think we are paying for trump to play golf nearly 300 times since he’s been president

  3. She obviously was given a huge dose of Botox ! She figures that she is the front runner, so she wants to look good for her acceptance speech.

    1. You called Biden a groper well let’s not forget trump with 19 women accusing him of sexual assault and trump having sex with a PORN STAR while his wife was having their son

    2. impress? LoL. I’d run as fast as I could! She looks very evil, no soul behind those lifeless scary eyes!

  4. Time will tell but to me that looks like a double for her. But not a real close one.

  5. New cheek implants! She can change her cheeks . but. her reputation follows her. Heels up Harris is still Heels up Harris, and a big PHONY , ask her former boss Willy Brown. He got her heel up, and has nothing good to say about her . Better still ask her Father” who says she is a liar. Pretty sure she doesn’t get his vote.

  6. This is a FIRST! Someone actually allowed an on air view of their buttcheecks to be viewed after botox! Can’t people keep their clothes on!?!?!?
    I must apologize , I was informed that this was “her face”.
    Apologies to anyone I may , or will may , or possibly offend , now , in the future , or in the past.

  7. Since her brain’s been “stuck” and her head buried to her shoulders for years guess it just caught up with her face.

  8. I am not a big fan of her politics, but I think it is ridiculous to criticize the way she looks!

    1. AntiChrist? Lmao!
      Is that what
      dumbocrats are saying these days?

      Christians overwhelming voted Trump…
      And will again…

      1. I believe it! She has that demonic lifeless, and scary eyes going on! Christians UNITE 🙏🏻✌

    2. You don’t ‘get’ this, do you?
      This is what the masses
      do online…
      Besides, even you have to
      admit, they botched this job.

  9. Now that he’s dead…she was thinking of all of the times she had sex with the little darkly hewed dwarf man…….and her facial expression shows those sexual sessions with the “mumbler” were on her mind……..LOL!

    1. Yes! As soon as i seen the pic, i thought the same way! She is scary and evil looking!

  10. Who really cares? She is nasty to anyone not in her small progressive circle. For all of her rantings, she didn’t go far in the presidential race and is just another anti-Trump heckler on the sidelines. If Sleepy Joe picks her for VP, she still will end up on the sidelines after November and will whine with Hillary about her unfair loss. Poor her!

  11. No Joe Biden just likesbouncing little kids on his lap and having them play with the hair on his legs and kissing little girls and groping them… Can you say Sick🧐

  12. she forgot her plastic bag ,she was well prepaired for that al sharpton!,you shure her brain didnt get botoxed

  13. She may be suffering from Bell’s Palsy.And this is caused by wearing a mask for hours.That is what she gets for supporting dumb Dr.Fauci. Wearing a mask can cause this and also can cause people to have strokes.
    It takes months to heal.

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