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Discovery Along The Sea Of Galilee…

Archaeologists believe they have discovered the site of the Church of the Apostles in the ancient town of Bethsaida, along the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel.

The church is thought to have been built over the home of two of Jesus’ disciples, Peter and Andrew.

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The Bible records that Jesus met the brothers while they were casting a fishing net into the Sea of Galilee.

He called out to them saying, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

CBN News reported Kineret College archaeologist Dr. Mordechai Aviam has been leading an excavation at Bethsaida for years.

“Last year we discussed the possibility there was a church there because we have tesserae (small glass blocks) from a mosaic floor, and we have pieces of marble and roof tiles. We knew there was a church but we didn’t have it — now we have it,” Aviam told CBN News.

Since then, his team discovered the southern wall of the church and well-preserved mosaic flooring.

“Now we can clearly say that we have the church in hand,” Aviam said.

Are you inspired when archaeologists find biblical sites?

The Times of Israel reported that the Byzantine church was found near the remnants of a Roman-era settlement, which matches the location of Bethsaida, as described by the first century AD Roman historian Flavius Josephus.

Aviam told The Times that the church itself fits the account of Willibald, the Bavarian bishop of Eichstaett, who visited the area around 725 AD.

The bishop chronicled that the church had been built on the site of Peter and James’ home.

“There is a document from a visitor from the end of the 7th century AD, a Christian pilgrim, [which] says that after he left Capernaum, he arrived to Bethsaida, and there is a church for the apostles, Peter and Andrew,” Aviam further explained.

Nyack College Prof. Steven Notley, who helped lead the dig at the church, told Fox News his team plans to excavate the entire structure.

“Thus far, we have only uncovered some of the southern rooms of the church, likely the southern aisle,” Notley said. “At the end of this season, we were just beginning to uncover the mosaics of what is likely the nave, the center section of the church.”

Notley added, “It is always remarkable to bring these beautifully decorated floors to light after being buried for almost 1500 years.”

According to the Bible, notable miracles performed by Jesus in Bethsaida included the healing of a blind man and the feeding of five thousand people with two fish and five loaves of bread.

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  1. Were whomsoever currently RULES/REGULATES the Christian Religion, to religiously adhere to the tenets of Those who wrote the Original of the King James Bible.
    I would willingly accept the Teachings of the OLD TESTAMENT.

  2. Constantine Pandelaras

    No I am no inspired because in the majority is not true. I need more proot

  3. that is more proof that the bible is a true fact , I feel sorry for the non belivers

  4. Yes biblical discoveries are fantastic!

  5. Capernaum was the home of St Peter. I’ was there there in Aug 2918!
    That house in Bethsida may have been Andrew;s house…NOT Peter’s.

  6. I’m very happy and encouraged to hear about the location found where Jesus fed many people with small amount of fish . I would love to see the findings myself. So very encouraging.


    • WFLATT – What a JERK you are. Listening to the stories of Jesus, anyone would think that he is a present day progressive.

  8. The places of these churches, while nice to find, are NOT what is important. It’s the message that was taught that was. Jesus & the 12 taught the gospel of the Kingdom MAINLY FOR THE NATION OF ISRAEL. Saul who became Paul, was changed by Jesus Christ to teach the gospel of grace “TO THE GENTILES, which he received personally from the risen Jesus Christ, through Spiritual revelation. After around 70 A.D. or so the paradigm of the gospel of the Kingdom came to a temporary end because the nation of Israel rejected their Messiah, Jesus Christ. Christ had already raised up Paul who was preaching the gospel of grace, Mainly TO THEN GENTILES, which is the paradigm we are living in today until the rapture of the Church. After that at some point it will revert back to the gospel of the Kingdom for 7 years.

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