It would appear that 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren is having some staffing issues of her own.

The once self-described Native American blames the departure of a half dozen African American campaign workers on racism and oppression in Nevada, rather than her own incompetence.

The sudden departure of her staff after her dreadful performance in the Iowa caucuses may be a prelude of things to come for the struggling campaign – which seems to have lost their focus.

According to Politico, staffers finally called it quits after a series of complaints were ignored by human resources. The women complained of being marginalized within an increasingly toxic working environment.

Moreover with only a few weeks to go before the Nevada caucuses, the troubled campaign finds themselves in a precarious position — attempting to reshuffle staff from other locations to make-up for the sudden shortfall of experienced campaign workers.

To complicate matters further Warren was forced to explain the sudden exodus of the six campaign workers during an appearance on MSNBC with host Chris Hayes.

Rather than addressing the issue head-on, she attempted to obfuscate, obscure and blur the issue – refusing to take responsibility for her campaign’s toxic work environment.

Instead, the beleaguered 70-year old Senator from Massachusetts retreated to identity politics blaming American “racism and oppression” as the cause for the mass retreat.

Radio personality Tom Elliott upon hearing Warren’s excuse immediately took to social media.

“Sen. @ewarren blames America’s “legacy” of “racism and oppression” for her campaign staff creating a “toxic work environment” for their minority staff”

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) February 7, 2020

The staffing fallout began in November when several African American campaign workers abruptly left the roughly 70-person Nevada team, during a critical stretch of the race.

The women said they felt marginalized by the campaign, worst yet the negative environment only intensified after they took their grievances to their superiors or to human resources staff.

“During the time I was employed with “Nevada for Warren”, there was definitely something wrong with the culture,” said Megan Lewis, a field organizer who joined the campaign in May and departed in December. “I filed a complaint with HR, but the follow-up I received left me feeling as though I needed to make myself smaller or change who I was to fit into the office culture.”

Another recently departed staffer sought anonymity before speaking out, fearing reprisal from the Warren organization stating:

“I felt like a problem like I was there to literally bring color into the space but not the knowledge and voice that comes with it,” she said in an interview.

Adding, “We all were routinely silenced and not given a meaningful chance on the campaign. Complaints, comments, advice, and grievances were met with an earnest shake of the head and progressive buzzwords but not much else.”

Another former field organizer also seeking anonymity, echoed the same concerns, matching the other departed staffers

Warren’s campaign did not dispute the women’s accounts suggesting that within their 31-state organization, the issues in Nevada don’t reflect the campaign’s inclusiveness regarding the women of color within their organization.

“We strive for an inclusive environment and work hard to learn and improve,” Warren campaign spokesperson Kristen Orthman said in a statement. “We have an organization of more than a thousand people, and whenever we hear concerns, we take them seriously. It’s important that everyone who is part of our team has a voice and can be heard. That’s why we are proud that we have a unionized staff and clear processes for issues to be addressed.”

10 thoughts on “Warren Losing Minority Staffers Due to “Toxic Work Environment””
  1. Many women of color are spoiled brats that will not take responsibility… they encourage one another to feel exceptional and fail to understand they’re simply good citizens like millions of others who show up daily ready to work! No one owes them anything!
    Seems everyone with a mouth in politics wants to make a career of handling other peoples’ money.

  2. This is not surprising. This woman is not capable of having a campaign office run correctly, let alone present her ethnicity as significantly American Indian (when it is clearly a very very small percentage, I believe if I remember correctly less than 1%).

    Desperate to to get minority support because she has none, let alone support that support when she has some.

    She clearly cannot manage her campaign. How can we trust her to manage our Country????? Let alone get her facts straight about anything.

    The Church Lady needs to get back to her parish and stick to that!!!!

  3. If BS is music, Elizabeth Warren is a liberal brass band!! She is a complete liberal lying fraud!!
    Trump,2020 protect America!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. If BS were music, Elizabeth Warren is a liberal brass band!! She is a disgrace on too many levels to count!!
    She does not have America’s best interest in mind!!

  5. Warren is seriously deranged anyway! Personally I don’t even see how she got elected for anything! Her lies say everything you need to know about her! But hey, she’s telling the truth when it comes to how she will run the country!

  6. Why isn’t she in jail for fraud in accepting college funding of the poor people she screwed over in her attempt to committing a horrendous crime against the poor who paid her way for education after lying to get college grants in the thousands. These left wingless angels are angels of darkness .Anyone with an ounce of common sense sees there all liars just like their father satan. Witchcrafts!!!!!!!

  7. USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA. TRUMP THE TRUMPET MAN. BLOW THE TRUMPET LOUD. So LOUD it drowns out the opposition’s small voices. Minorities do not hold the majority vote. SRY your all going the wrong way. TRUMP is GODS MAN ! 😳 Thank you Pres. Trump for your courage. TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸

  8. Could anybody imagine working for warren
    Pacing up and down the hallways giving desperate speeches that leaves everyone silent.
    And all along she’s arguing with someone on the phone telling her it’s over, and your chances are none.
    At least her employees are getting a taste of reality.

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