Vice President Kamala Harris flew to Jacksonville, Florida this week. During an interview with Florida Times-Union, Harris refused to attack Governor Ron DeSantis (R) amid his refusal to accept the Biden administration’s suggested strict lockdowns or statewide mask mandates.

Harris was asked three times to talk about DeSantis’ Covid-19 policies. She walked around the question all three times.

The interviewer asked if she thought Florida should be doing more. “We all need to do more around the country.” she responded.
“I pried one last time by asking if it concerned her that people in positions of power were spreading fringe ideas about science and public health,” Nate Monroe, the reporter, wrote.

But Kamala deflected. “I think it’s important that we speak truth to the American people with the spirit of making sure they are safe and healthy. And what we know and the science tells us without any dispute or ambiguity is wearing masks saves lives.”

Despite going against the Biden administration’s coronavirus public relations campaign, Ron DeSantis approach to Covid-19 led to fewer cases than New York State. He also boosted his approval rating among Florida voters to 53 percent, substantially besting his ratings from the summer.

Harris, did, however, praise DeSantis’ decision to lower the vaccine eligibility in Florida to age 50. She said it is a “good thing.”

“We want to make sure everyone has access,” Harris said. “Not everybody has a car, right? We’ve got to make sure people can get to the places where the help is, and that could be the food or it could be a vaccine. And so those are the things we think about in terms of the responsibility that we collectively have and the challenge that we have as well.”

Harris’ visit to Florida comes after President Joe Biden signed into law a 1.9 trillion coronavirus package. But that is currently being overshadowed by the current crisis at the Southern border. On Monday, Harris was asked if she would visit the southern border to see the migrant crisis for herself.

She laughed and said, “Not today. But I have before and I’m sure I’ll do it again.”

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  1. Give her credit, she knows when not to go to a fight she cannot win. Even if she were to play all her cards, she is a loser before it starts.

  2. That’s A shame that she wouldn’t fight with DeSantis….I was looking forward to see her take the mattress off her back and her knee pads too! Never seen her seen her without them!

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