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Why Unplugging is Essential for Good Mental Health

We are all living during a time of great fear, devastation, and economic hardship. Unfortunately, we can’t seem to escape the continuous fearmongering that invades our space through news outlets on television, the radio, and even through social media. For this, it is imperative that we turn off our technology so that we can regain our ability to heal from within.

What you take in on a daily basis is exactly what you will become. If you listen to things that continue to feed your fear and angst, then you can bet that you will become more anxious, depressed, and worried. This can not only hinder your ability to feel good about yourself and the world around you but in time it can also affect your health.

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Stressing over things that you cannot control will only make you feel helpless and cause you to become a victim. You have the power to control your emotions if you would only take the time to control what you watch and what you hear.

This is not to say that you should be blinded to the realities of the world around you. This is also not to say that you should ignore important information about what is happening in the world and how you should proceed safely. Having knowledge is a good thing, however, allowing the media to control how you process information is where the problem begins.

The media gets paid by providing you information in a way that will generate negative emotions. It’s these emotions that cause you to feel bad about yourself and your situation. You can indeed listen to the news, but know when to turn it off.

There are those who listen to the news on the radio when they are in their car, and they even watch the news the moment they get into their homes. To make matters worse, they then dedicate the majority of their day to watching news feeds online. They never seem to escape the negative energy that is generated from the propaganda associated with the news outlets. All of this and people still wonder why they feel so bad on a daily basis.

If you truly want to escape the pain, agony, distress and fear that you feel, then you must take the time to cut down on the amount of media you allow into your life. This is especially true for anyone who finds themselves addicted to watching the news prior to going to bed. You may not realize this, but the last thing that you listen to or watch prior to going to sleep is the very thing that you will be meditating on throughout the night.

The moment you shift the information that you allow into your mental space is the moment you will see a shift in how you feel. If you want to feel happy, then take the time to watch things that make you feel happy. If you want to feel calm and relaxed, then you must find things online or on television that make you feel this way when you watch it. This is the only way to ensure that you clear your mind of mental trash so that you can feel your best self.


By Audra L.

One thought on “Why Unplugging is Essential for Good Mental Health

  1. The onslaught of NEGATIVITY does indeed affect one. Emotions become “Hate” , which become “ACTIONS”, and therefore , dire consequences can happen.Recently , New York , in a park, “a man, avid birdwatcher” ,saw a woman with her dog , off of the leash , the signs on entering says that all animals will be on a leash , and he {WHILE VIDEOING ON HIS PHONE} , “asked her to put the leash on her dog.” She erupted , and started for this “Blackman ,avid birdwatcher” telling him to stop videoing her , and still coming on after he asked her to keep her distance , grabbed the dogs collar and was twisting it so much , the dog was choking , and she then threatened to call the police , he said “please do” , and her grip tightened on the dog [no leash yet] , I will tell the police a black man is attacking me…..” Well , the police came, this got on the internet and the woman LOST her rescue dog, she was forced to surrender the dog, and HER job. Negative news? Quarentining ? Negative
    The author did not mention one subject , BOOKS. There are many “happy and uplifting books” to read.

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