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CNN Picked the Wrong Person to Interview about Police and BLM

What’s a CNN host to do when confronted with a guest who doesn’t accept The Narrative?

In the case of Don Lemon interviewing former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, the answer is: tell him to “keep it down,” refuse to listen to what he is saying, and then abruptly cut him off.

It’s not as if they are interested in anything that doesn’t support The Narrative. Much less explodes it with data on cops being killed.

Unintentional comedy lasting 2 awkward, hilarious minutes.

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  1. Another example of horrible news reporters that will not report the truth.

    • It is unbelievable that this black reporter actually blows off A BLACK police officer who knows best of all is going in the streets and this LEMON totally disrespects this great officer and won’t listen to him and cuts to a commercial so nobody hears him what the Hell kind of News station is this anyway they certainly don’t respect the American people I’ll never tune them in again

    • There is no answers to this! They hate President Trump that much period!

      • Sweet Lemon will get stains on his teeth kissing up to Democrats? He had the Police there? Let him tell the Truth! That’s what people wants to know? Not! What Lemon wants them to hear, so violence keeps going, & Lemons Rating?

    • Richard Burton Jr

      That’s why thier known as — CNN the “Cartoon News Network”, ABC the “All Bullshit Channel”, NBC the “National Bullshit Channel”, MSNBC the “Main Stream Nut Bag Channel”, CBS as the “Central Bullshit Station !
      That’s why everyone needs not to spend a single penny, just spread the word of “DEAD” – Don’t Elect Another Democrat” ! Spread the word to all you see because you know if they take away the Second Amendment, the First Amendment is not far behind to go away as well (Just like Communist China and Russia) !

      What REALLY amazes me, is the reporters of these stations seem to have no ethics or understanding of ethics for their own “personal” standards. They seem to have no respect for themselves or all those who have fought and died for the right to have “open and HONEST” conversations.

  2. Apparently Dons brains oozed out on the sheets s as nd were destroyed by Tide

  3. Herbert Broughton Jr

    The media only reports on what fits their agenda. Being a retired police officer I can tell you that many is the time I would get home and watch the news with my wife and the news would report on the case that I handled just hours before and add facts that were erroneous to beef up the story and I know no one had told them because it wasn’t in the press release???

    • Absolutely right which is why I don’t watch CNN,MSNBC, and the rest of the left wing news outlets of the Democratic party!

    • Don lemon was the reporter who said the biggest threat to the United States is the white man, what does that tell you?

      • Don Lemon judging White People, & wanders Why? Black people attacks innocent children? Don loving on Men, shouldn’t be lieing an Gossiping on People? Acting like Don Lemon is 1 of God’s Holy Angels? Kissing up on Democrats rots the Teeth, Don?

  4. In my day we called a bad, troublesome car a “lemon”. This so-called news reporter has the appropriate name I would say, for he is sure a “lemon” when it comes to being capable of conducting an unbiased and fair interview and forget factual news reporting, that is not in his extremely biased vocabulary.

  5. There it is … the truth of CNN and their lying news . That bitch don got punked by a better man . And you saw how he had to act to twist the story around . Good thing Davids smarter then don . Funny how CNN doesn’t want to hear the truth from the real source . So he cuts out to a commercial so we can’t hear the truth for the true source . That’s can for you . You have to be real stupid to go by what CNN saids or your just a delusional democrat and have to belive the lies .


  6. Lemon can’t tell the truth he is not allowed to. FAKE NEWS trying to hide the killings and crime.

  7. News outlets only present what brings them the highest awards
    The truth has no bearing on what they report only audience numbers
    We have been warned about false news and here it is for all to see and hear
    God Bless America

  8. This Clarke guy ran a 31% approval rating.
    While he was sheriff he handcuffed and shackled women who were trying to give birth. At least one newborn died as a result.
    He allowed his deputies to beat and torture inmates and four of them died as a result.

    • Hey Adam. You should give it a rest. Don Lemon is one of the worst. You belong on CNN with the rest of the liars on that network along with MSNBC. You people can all talk to yourself because nobody else watches those networks

      • We found out CNN is owned by AT&T and we are really thinking about getting a different wi-fi or cable supplier because of it! Boycott those stations, never watch them, Person called Rush’s radio program last week saying he WAS a school teacher some time ago and they had to force students to watch 15 minute’s of CNN every day it was the schools policy. Yes is a Lemon all right! Shouldn’t George Soros be deported as he came here from some other country & is a treasonist alon with those Congress people who immigrated here! Treason its is the word! I guess my remarks will be removed

  9. Clark is a joke. He was a lousy sheriff and a lousy human being. Adam is right.

    • Nope. You go Sheriff. Don’t let these left morons push you around. He knew you made sense and that’s why he wanted to cut you off. He just couldn’t control you!! Hahaha Stupid Adam!!

      • What do you expect from Don Lemon? No class as a reporter. Never had any! Just as the people are srart to see this is a DEMOCRAT PLAN TO FORCE THE PEOPLE TO ELECT BIDEN. So they can bring in SOCIALISM RULE and take away our IRA, 401K, SAVING. ANYTHING. That we have MONEY in. So they can do to us what happened in VENEZUELA. ANOTHER thing all this money these companies are giving to BLM IS GOING INTO THE DEMOCRAT PARTY! THINK ABOUT IT! THEY ARE FORCING THIS CRAP ON COMPANIES. BLM WAS FORM UNDER OBAMA TERMS!

        • Yes, & look at the millions PPH takes in & also give it to all Demorats, millions & millions folks-BLM, PPH,& the others—,wake up American’s—we don’t have that much time- flush the traitors soon, all of them- before it’s too late

  10. Whatever his past he is right about this


    Don Lemon(sourpuss) just doing his duty and obeying his Judeo-Bolshevik run CNN!! BLACK GOYA BEANS MATTER!!!! FK BLM!

  12. Hallo I would like to let Holländisch-deutsch
    Egon bockhorn

  13. Sadly , Lemon[head] should have been slapped into the 22 nd century. What a woman , to sit there and tell a Police officer to be “civil” because there are folks at home “watching”. What communist puppet .

    • @Lofton Hey Dude! Be easy on Lemon with them Big Professional Words of Yours? You can be Sued, if Lemon trys to look up & reason what the Hell you said? If he has Brain Damage, because he’s trying to find out if it was good or bad on him? BLM will be looking for the person who took what bitsy size brain Don had? an totally overloaded his brain? Don won’t know whether to wipe the dark stains off his teeth, from kissing up, or leave it? Just be careful, OK?


    Bravo to the policeman who put the lying Don Lemon in his place!

  15. What would you expect from an F.O.S. Communist like Lemon? Sheriff Clarke peaks the TRUTH this mutt Lemon simply cannot stand it!!! Time for all American Patriots to start taking the bull by the horns and start putting a STOP to the Communists in the United States!

  16. Adam, you are a troll spewing total BS. Go back to your cave so the intelligent people can have an adult conversation.

  17. Talk about making Lemonade out of a Lemon!!!
    Sheriff Clarke spoke the truth. He know one hell of
    a lot about the entire picture…more than Lemonade
    reads in the paper. He needs to get out of the Studio
    and get a first hand look!

  18. Talk about making Lemonade out of a Lemon!!!
    Sheriff Clarke spoke the truth. He knows one hell of
    a lot about the entire picture…more than Lemonade
    reads in the paper. He needs to get out of the Studio
    and get a first hand look!

  19. Communistic agenda, that is the truth President Trump warned us about take news,here it is . America needs to wake up and take our country back, the people have been lied to for so long it’s difficult to know what is the truth. Watch Fox it’s the closest you will get , I used to watch CNN ,and NBC ,I would get mad as he’ll ,because of the lies , and then I made the change . We rednecks are ready to defend , I’ll be twitterpated before I give my home and all I and my wife have worked hard to have , I will defend to the end.

  20. Once again, typical liberal response is to not wanting the truth to be told. Mr. Lemmon is ignorant. The officer was civil but attacked for speaking truth. The media is a propaganda machine for the liberals.

    If you want freedom, don’t vote Democrat.

  21. These BLM are nothing but junkie on steroids! Can easy be deal with if the governor and MAYOR will stop changing the LAWS! No sense in the police officer following order of the democrat MAYOR! Give them the middle finger and take care of the situation. These mayor are just like the FOOL IN BALTIMORE! SHE DIDN’T DO A DAM THING! WE SHOULD HAVE KEPT THAT IN MIND! ONLY DIFFERENCE IS THESE ANTIFA ARE MOSTLY JUNKIE COLLEGE KIDS! CAN THROW A BRICK THEN THEY CAN KILL! SO IF POLICE OFFICER DON’T WANT TO DO THEIR JOBS. RESIGN AND LET US ADULTS TAKE ON THESE THUGS! LOCK AND LOAD! YES. I HAVE A KINFOLKS OUT THERE WITH ANTIFA. DONE WARN HIM NOT TO COME BACK HOME!

  22. I stopped watching CNN a very long time ago they never tell the truth…Omg let me not start about the blm low lives who destroy property and also peoples lives…. ALL LIVES MATTER…. I really wish I could say what I really feel ‘!!

  23. So true! Thank you David Clarke!

  24. As usual. CNN, news for nitwits’.

  25. Can two people be more stupid than one ? Lemon and Cuomo combine to create a massive hole in the intelligence field. CNN should be proud. I’m embarrassed for the whole lot of them. I work overseas in eastern Europe and CNN and MSNBC are laughing stocks of all the world media outlets . . . except the Russian media which seems to support them . . go figure.
    One of my favorite BBC stories I saw over there, “U.S. Pres Trump today signed a treaty that if signed by any of the past 10 US presidents would be their crowing achievement . . but again, mainstream US media doesn’t report this in favor of criticizing motorcycle riders for not wearing masks while riding in groups on freeways”. I’ve see similar stories 20 times. They can fool themselves but the world thinks they’re idiots.

    Did you all like the 5 pediatricians ZOOM interviewed by CNN – who all gave the answer that CNN didn’t want ?

  26. An ABSOLUTELY PERFECT example of how the LEFTIST MEDIA will not ACCEPT ANY platfrom other than their own. when it is presented to them they will blatantly ignore, over-talk, or shutdown ANYONE that goes against their LEFTIST IDEOLOGY!

  27. Chewer Don LemonHEAD doesn’t like it when someone stands up to his FAKE garbage narrative . BRAVO to Clarke for putting him in his place . LemonHEAD should just stick to what he’s good at ,,,,, kneeling in front of swallower Anderson cooper .

  28. liberals are proxy for socialism, and in centralizing power in government they have to tear down our defenses at the same time they’re building their own….so thy’ve built things like antifa and BLM to do just that, with defunding the police and killing cops etc…the feds are more concerned with mass murders like college students and columbine, cia is more mass terrorism like the oklahoma city bombings and 9/11/01, while lib politicians are trying passionately to take our guns…..the whole thing is real but its the oldest con game in the book….the DOJ is there primary tool the media covers for.
    so they’ve built a wall of security around themselves using the DOJ while they try to end the police and prisons.
    this Officer is correct, but what amazes me is that we have never seen liberal politicians, slave owners or media executed, beat up, thrown out of office or harraseed until they move, EVER….if Jim Crow Laws didnt explain clear enough we will.
    We are here to educate the sheep not entertain the goats….liberalism is a con game ! ! !

  29. Just take this channel off while this bastard propagandist Lemon is on it. Just turn it off forever.

  30. Scare tactics have been used for decades/centuries as a means of controlling the masses. Most people in power uses them.
    Remember the Mafia? It was used for years by them. Then the Kennedy’s came along to do battle with the Mafia. We should note…. The Kennedy’s were the elite Democrats at that time. I believe the Democrat party has taken over the Mafia & now it’s in a new refined more profitable form. However… they have the power of our government to control us in subtle ways described to appease the masses, to look like, sound like etc. that they’re actually doing us a favor.
    So why does our national debt continue to get larger? I suggest they want control of as much of our money as possible. They’ll keep spending it faster than we’re earning it if possible.
    I often wonder how many politicians/democrats have offshore accounts we’re likely to never know about.
    I began thinking about this since Trump began focusing on the differences between what we’re paying in import taxes to other countries, especially China. Seems very odd to me that Democrats want to stop Trump from tackling this problem. If Democrats are against this I have to believe they’re benefiting from it.
    Just think about the possibility of China rewarding certain politicians by depositing money in these offshore accounts. It would certainly explain why some of our politicians would refuse to try equalizing import taxes between us and other countries. It is legal to deposit money into another person’s bank account here in America.
    Not many seem to have noticed how much credit card debt we have as citizens. I see it as an excuse to control us even more. Debt can actually be used to control us even more. Just pay attention to commercials on TV as examples. They sucker us into living far beyond our means and often many of us will never be completely out of debt for this reason alone. Those who declare bankruptcy screw us also. Financially responsible people will pay higher prices on the goods peddled to make up for their lost profit.
    We are brainwashed daily into believing we can have nearly anything we want by using a credit card, but they don’t and never will mention how extreme the consequences can be.
    Back in the 1800s during mining days, they had company stores where it was mandatory for employees to buy from these company stores or they lost their jobs. The same was true for their living quarters because employees also had to live in company owned living quarters, which they had to pay for at the company price. Government and rich people have been screwing us for many years.
    Banks used to put a limit on what we can borrow based on our income and what we owe. Credit cards have given banks a new way around this.
    Rest assured, over the long term these banks will not lose money. It has become an addiction the way we spend money as though there are no consequences. When the masses kick this addiction for spending money excessively, prices over the long term should also drop.

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