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CNN Picked the Wrong Person to Interview about Police and BLM

What’s a CNN host to do when confronted with a guest who doesn’t accept The Narrative?

In the case of Don Lemon interviewing former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, the answer is: tell him to “keep it down,” refuse to listen to what he is saying, and then abruptly cut him off.

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It’s not as if they are interested in anything that doesn’t support The Narrative. Much less explodes it with data on cops being killed.

Unintentional comedy lasting 2 awkward, hilarious minutes.

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  1. Another example of horrible news reporters that will not report the truth.

    • It is unbelievable that this black reporter actually blows off A BLACK police officer who knows best of all is going in the streets and this LEMON totally disrespects this great officer and won’t listen to him and cuts to a commercial so nobody hears him what the Hell kind of News station is this anyway they certainly don’t respect the American people I’ll never tune them in again

      • That’s the truth

      • The Democrats DONT suppoet the police the BLM group donations goes right to the dem campaign look it up. CNN is a democratic station if you watched both fox and cnn you would see.a vast difference in reporting if you have a side by side on your tv play them both it’s funny how different they are

      • Clarke is responsible for the deaths of not less than 4 people while he was sheriff.
        He had pregnant women shackled and handcuffed as they tried to deliver.
        At least one newborn died as a result.

      • What do you really expect from CNN? They must get their anti-American message out no matter what or they’ll lose their job! CNN does not report news, it reports what it wants you to believe. It’s only an opinion report. There are NO real journalists working there!!

      • Well said. Try FOX.

      • I haven’t listened to the ever. All of the news media are lying fake news, who do not want you to know the truth. They all only report lies and expect you to believe them. They are trying to brainwash the people who watch them.

      • CBN, is a terrible news station. They are so far left, its unbelievable. Im surprised he went on the station with him.

    • There is no answers to this! They hate President Trump that much period!

  2. Apparently Dons brains oozed out on the sheets s as nd were destroyed by Tide

  3. Herbert Broughton Jr

    The media only reports on what fits their agenda. Being a retired police officer I can tell you that many is the time I would get home and watch the news with my wife and the news would report on the case that I handled just hours before and add facts that were erroneous to beef up the story and I know no one had told them because it wasn’t in the press release???

    • Absolutely right which is why I don’t watch CNN,MSNBC, and the rest of the left wing news outlets of the Democratic party!

    • Don lemon was the reporter who said the biggest threat to the United States is the white man, what does that tell you?

  4. In my day we called a bad, troublesome car a “lemon”. This so-called news reporter has the appropriate name I would say, for he is sure a “lemon” when it comes to being capable of conducting an unbiased and fair interview and forget factual news reporting, that is not in his extremely biased vocabulary.

  5. There it is … the truth of CNN and their lying news . That bitch don got punked by a better man . And you saw how he had to act to twist the story around . Good thing Davids smarter then don . Funny how CNN doesn’t want to hear the truth from the real source . So he cuts out to a commercial so we can’t hear the truth for the true source . That’s can for you . You have to be real stupid to go by what CNN saids or your just a delusional democrat and have to belive the lies .

  6. Lemon can’t tell the truth he is not allowed to. FAKE NEWS trying to hide the killings and crime.

  7. News outlets only present what brings them the highest awards
    The truth has no bearing on what they report only audience numbers
    We have been warned about false news and here it is for all to see and hear
    God Bless America

  8. This Clarke guy ran a 31% approval rating.
    While he was sheriff he handcuffed and shackled women who were trying to give birth. At least one newborn died as a result.
    He allowed his deputies to beat and torture inmates and four of them died as a result.

    • Hey Adam. You should give it a rest. Don Lemon is one of the worst. You belong on CNN with the rest of the liars on that network along with MSNBC. You people can all talk to yourself because nobody else watches those networks

      • We found out CNN is owned by AT&T and we are really thinking about getting a different wi-fi or cable supplier because of it! Boycott those stations, never watch them, Person called Rush’s radio program last week saying he WAS a school teacher some time ago and they had to force students to watch 15 minute’s of CNN every day it was the schools policy. Yes is a Lemon all right! Shouldn’t George Soros be deported as he came here from some other country & is a treasonist alon with those Congress people who immigrated here! Treason its is the word! I guess my remarks will be removed

  9. Clark is a joke. He was a lousy sheriff and a lousy human being. Adam is right.

    • Nope. You go Sheriff. Don’t let these left morons push you around. He knew you made sense and that’s why he wanted to cut you off. He just couldn’t control you!! Hahaha Stupid Adam!!

  10. Whatever his past he is right about this


    Don Lemon(sourpuss) just doing his duty and obeying his Judeo-Bolshevik run CNN!! BLACK GOYA BEANS MATTER!!!! FK BLM!

  12. Hallo I would like to let Holländisch-deutsch
    Egon bockhorn

  13. Sadly , Lemon[head] should have been slapped into the 22 nd century. What a woman , to sit there and tell a Police officer to be “civil” because there are folks at home “watching”. What communist puppet .


    Bravo to the policeman who put the lying Don Lemon in his place!

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