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Does Madonna Supports Trump’s COVID Cure?

It seems that most celebrates lean far left, and are often arrayed against Donald Trump. But not all of them. Of course, there is Kanye’s well-known support of the president, and now another “big name” has come out supporting the president’s controversial position on COVID and hydroxychloroquine.

As you know, from early on in the pandemic, the President has promoted the use of the malaria drug as an effective treatment for COVID-19. He reiterated that support more recently, by posting a video by the “America’s Frontline Doctors,” who among other things – such as downplaying the effectiveness of masks – touted the use of the drug. Since it was retweeted by the President himself, the video immediately went viral.

However, the video drew controversy; it was labeled as spreading “conspiracy theories” and “misinformation” about the coronavirus and was soon taken down by social media outlets. But, not before it could be posted not once, but twice by the pop star.

Madonna showed her support for the doctors shown in the video, including Dr. Stella Immanuel who drew ridicule for earlier videos that turned up with her speaking about “alien DNA,” and “sex demons.” Nonetheless, Madonna shared the videos of doctors describing the malaria drug as a “cure” for COVID-19 to her 15.4 million followers. On Instagram (which has allowed the video with a warning that it could contain false information) she wrote: “The Truth will set us all Free. But some people don’t want to hear the truth.”

Madonna’s caption accompanying the video continued, “Especially the people in power who stand to make money from this long drawn out search for a vaccine Which has been proven and has been available for months.” Adding, “They would rather let fear control them and let the rich get richer and the poor and sick get sicker.”

President Trump referred to the controversial video in his coronavirus briefing the day after tweeting it. After saying that he found Immanuel to be “impressive,” he went on to say that, “Many doctors think it is extremely successful. The hydroxychloroquine coupled with the z-pack. And some people think it’s become political. I took it for a 14-day period. And I’m here. I think it works in the early stages. I think front line medical people believe that too…”

The video was originally pushed by right-wing site Breitbart and went on to be viewed millions of times before it was taken down by Twitter, Youtube, and  Facebook.

False information? Or censorship of a truth that could support claims about the virus and hydroxychloroquine made by Trump for months, that has been much maligned by the mainstream media?

During a recent interview on Fox News, the President said that if he went on TV and said that hydroxychloroquine was bad, and not to take it, the media, would have pushed it, just to disagree with him and make him look bad. During the interview with Fox host Clay Travis, Trump said “If I would have said, ‘I don’t believe in hydroxychloroquine, it’s terrible… I don’t believe in it, it doesn’t work,’ it would be the hottest thing going right now.”

By Mike Strong


What do you think, is the media shutting down the truth about COVID-19 just to hurt Donald Trump’s chances at reelection? Reply in the comments below.

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54 thoughts on “Does Madonna Supports Trump’s COVID Cure?

    1. Yes I agree, President Trump has shared the truth and the left and the so out if touch Media does’t care at all for speaking truth, never even watch or or listen to their lies
      So sad what has happened to America, u can’t get the truth from ABC or NBC , CNN is the worst and NSMBC, they hate the President, feel only grief for them!!

        1. You’re just ridiculous!
          Typical looney leftie liar! You wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you with both hands!

        2. get you ears cleaned Tiny.. you hear yes HEAR to much of the Crazy media putting it the way they want you to believe it.. so clean your ears out and listen to the Clear Facts… NO Misinformation here… this DRUG WORKS

        3. Tiny, your name fits your brain, you are a useful idiot of the Demoncrats and Satan their father who is a liar from the beginning and the father of ALL lies. When the Democrats took God out of their platform in 2008 at their convention, they opened the door for Satan to take over their party and they became conjoined twins with Satan at the neck with Satan being the head. The DNC had a name change, from Democrat to Demoncrat. Satan does all the thinking and the Demoncrats do all the acting of kill, steal, and destroy.

        4. Tiny words coming from such a tiny mind, all of which are expected from a left-leaning moron such as yourself. The drug in question does work, it saves lives, but this is not what the democrats want. The Democrats want more people to die and get sick just so they look right. There is one thing that usually kills everyone, do you know what that is, it’s a large caliber piece of lead, something you should be keeping an eye out for. Someone living close to you who is an American loving patriot or conservative will do what is needed to save our country from idiots like you.

        5. How do you know that he wasn’t truthful?How do you know that your democrats told the truth in all their unproven attempts to accuse our president of wrong doing?
          How do you know that your previous president Obama wasn’t a liar who btw in all those 8 years wasn’t able to fix much in America.
          Be proud of our country and support our president who put his life on hold to stand up for his country and all of us Americans while enduring insults and vicious attacks from the haters.

        6. Even after your source of info knowingly lied to you about the Russian ‘collusion’ hoax for almost 4yrs you still trust them? C’mon man. Bet you still.believe T built cages for kids, supports nazies and purposeful started covid. Your being suckered friend

        7. It’s sad you’re so pitifully ignorant; you sound like a recording of liberal/communists who live in caves — don’t see, & only hear what other ignorants say. God gave you a magnificent brain, USE IT!!!

    2. Even after your source of info knowingly lied to you about the Russian ‘collusion’ hoax for almost 4yrs you still trust them? C’mon man. Bet you still.believe T built cages for kids, supports nazies and purposeful started covid. Your being suckered friend

  1. I believe that hydroxychloroguin does work, the left will go against anything that the president says. They don’t really care about the people of our country only care about their own agendas witch doesn’t include us.

    1. You are correct that the left does not care about the people, above that they care about the money to be made from vaccines (Gates and Fauci) and apparently there is a new “hydrodchlorloquin” coming out by one of the drug companies, which will be the old formula with some miniscule adjustment so they can patent it and charge ourtrageous prices. It’s politics and money.

      1. Where did you come up with this fake news? If you want to believe a “genious” like Trump, fone, fo it at your own peril. But don’t spead lies about cures that credible scientists have debunked. Your comment is a perfect example of why thinking and compassionate people do not trust Republicans.

        1. Hydrocloriquon, with Vitamin D3, C, zinc and an antibiotic has been used in other countries with success to treat people with Covid. It has been documented and there is testimony from a number of doctors. It was alos treated here in Nevada with that protocol, until Fuaci and crew shut it down. ANd recall that Fauci under Obama funded the Wuhan Lab with $400 million in violation of U.S. policy.

        2. And I did best than anything you LEFTISTS are able to.. I switched my pledge from the EVIL PARTY aka Democraps, to become registeered REPUBLICAN, and very proud of it!!!!! p.s. how do you like that NANCY??!! Go, go, go, go, go, GOP!!!!!!!

        3. I believe you are listening to all the left TV stations. I have two very close friends who got COVID-19 and were given hydroxychloroquine with an additional medicine as a compliment to it and they got sick but recovered rather quickly. Their doctor has treated over 300 patients with COVID-19 and all are still here. Maybe you should start reading a paper called Epoch times that is neither Democrat or Republican and is pure real old time journalism just facts and you can come to your own conclusions. You could even branch out to Fox News now that they have all sides discussed. Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Your eyes maybe opened. I am not crazy about President Trumps tweets but he has never been a polished speaker Or fancy talking silver tongue politician and is just like my New York friends. I may be thinking about something but would never say it but my friends do not have a filter and say what they think. They will never talk behind your back. They just tell it to your face. Personally, I like it if they have a problem with me and tell me to my face and do not talk behind my back. I am pretty old and have seen a lot of presidents and President Trump has accomplished so much for all Americans in his short 3 and one half yrs than any other President in my lifetime. My father use to say that promises are one thing but actions speak louder than words and he has kept so many of the things he promised even under a media and House of Representatives that tried to impeach him for doing his job. It is a double standard, President Obama talked to the Russian representative before he was elected about wait till he is elected and then he can do something then. That was worse than Trump. Maybe everyone against him should do some research and actually look up what he has done for all of America, it takes in all races, creeds, genders, climate, water, manufacturers, small businesses, besides making the World respect us again getting rid of the territory ISIS was occupying and some pretty bad terrorists. Biden accuses him of doing a poor job with COVID. It is interesting since the Chinese knew about this in November and China’s buddy in the World Health Organization knew when there was person to person transmission but did not notify our CDC. Dr. Fauci was on one of the TV shows like CNN saying on January 30th that the US did not have anything to worry about and did not think it would get here. 11 days later Sfter the first death in Us of the man that traveled here from Wuhan died. President Trump took drastic action to save Americans and he was criticized by the left, Biden, Pelosi. Pelosi and Deblasio were asking people to party, Nancy in San Fran and Deblasio in Nee York. I never answer a thing but I am so tired of all the critics not searching for the truth. Do you know that 8 doctors from China that were trying to speak out have not been seen since February. Before you condemn look fir the truth in all outlets not just the left.

        4. Sorry Nancy I need to correct the date Dr Fauci was on TV saying the US really did not have to worry. It was January 20th not the 30th. We had a death here from COVID and President t Trump closed our country to China. He probably saved thousands of lives, yet think if the WHO or China would have told us about the person to person transmission sooner to all countries. It makes me sick to think of how many lives would have been saved. Do you really think that young dentist at 33 died of COVID or maybe since he was on social media getting out the warning maybe they did not give him the medicine he needed. There is a lot to think and research, please do it yourself and do not rely on only a few news sources. If you only hear news from Trump haters you will never make the right decision. If you still think he has not done anything for this country than at least you did your homework and made your own decision.

        5. U R a joke & UR ‘asinine’ statement is ridiculous ❗️
          THAT DRUG has been FDA approved for 65 years, never harmed anybody that has ever used it & those 350 doctors in that video said it worked after they treated their patients with it so get real & ‘get a life’ B4 U kill somebody by them NOT wanting 2 take this TOTALLY SAFE Drug 2 live …!

        6. Hahaha!
          Your comment, “Your comment is a perfect example of why thinking and compassionate people do not trust Republicans” just goes to show that Dumbocrats think with emotion and not science!!

        7. ‘credible ‘scientist and doctors don’t manipulate data or sell out to global socialists. The credible ones know the real data and.won’t put money over peoples lives

        8. Tiny & Nancy drank “the koolaid !”These delusional comments are the norm for Democrats/liberals/communists based on sheer ignorance; don’t want truth!

      2. Well said. I agree with you 100 %. Shame on the democratic government and people must use their own common sense instead of following the crowd.

  2. If I was about to go on a ventilator I would beg for it! The fact the President backed it by taking it himself speaks volumes. He knows whatever he is for the Dems will condemn. Most of the country with any sense knows that too.
    If you vote for Biden you might as well be putting Kamala in the White House! That demented old career politician has stolen millions for his family over 40 years. Maxine Waters makes more sense than that old troll and that bitch is totally nuts! So he sticks his hand up a woman’s dress and penetrates her but the ‘me too’ movement just laughs it off? All Kamala wants is power and she knows if he is elected she will have it all.

    1. Honestly, Donnie has made a mess of this whole thing. He has personally profited from being in office. He is the worse of them all. We need a real president. Not someone who has to be banned from social media. We did far better before trump. Now people become so ignorant feeling like its a way of life. The time has come to remove the betrayer and thief. Lets remove the dance monkey and Kamala is more qualified for this position than this moron.

      1. Jerry, do you only listen to the left haters? I am a older person and have seen many tragedies and triumphs in my lifetime and many Presidents. This is going to be a long reply to your statement and it would be good for you to read to the end. President Trump donates his salary to charity and if you read the financial news has lost millions due to his Presidency. My dad who was a wise man and a Democrat which today he would hate what the Democratic Party has become, said to me when it is time for me to vote do my research and find out what the candidates promised and see if they delivered or were they just talkers. I have done my research and President Trump has accomplished more for our country and America than all of the last 8 Presidents.
        Here are just a few things you can fact check. He has so many bills and things he has accomplished for America. He passed a bill for prison reform called the First Step Act. He has developed opportunity zones in very impoverished neighborhoods by bringing in private companies to help the neighbor and create jobs. The zones are around 8700 or so around the country with the help of Senator Scott who is Black. He has signed a deal with native Americans with land.
        Built the best economy we have ever seen and every economist agrees it was not Obama. Under Trump’s leadership in 2017 the US surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest producer of crude oil. Trump signed a law ending the gag orders on pharmacists that prevented them from sharing money saving information. Low wage workers are benefiting from higher minimum wages and from corporations that are increasing entry level pay. Trump signed the biggest wilderness protection & conservation bill in a decade and designated 375,000 acres as protected land. Trump signed the Saves the Sea Act which funds 10 million dollars per year to clean tons of plastic & garbage from the ocean. He signed a bill this yr allowing some drug imports from Canada so that prescriptions would go down in price. He created a White House hotline to help veterans and principally staffed it with veterans and direct family members of veterans. VA employees are being held accountable for poor performance with more than 4000 VA employees not doing their job and taking care of our Vets have been removed, demoted or suspended so far. He
        Signed a bill for veterans choice which they could go see any doctor anytime they wanted instead of having to wait for weeks and sometimes months and the bill went to theVa. He Signed a bill that all doctor and hospital charges have to be posted so the patient is not blindsided. The Trump administration will provide HIV prevention drugs for free to 200,000 uninsured patients per year for 11 yrs. Trump signed an order allowing small businesses to group together when buying insurance to get better prices. The poverty rate dropped to a 17 yr low of 11.8% under a Trump administration as a result of jobs rich environment. President Trump signed a bill that creates five national monuments, expands several national parks, adds 1.3 million acres of wilderness and permanently reauthorizes the Land and water conservation Fund. Trump ordered Ric Grenell his openly gay ambassador to Germany to lead a global initiative to decriminalize homosexuality across the globe. Trumps immigration and customs enforcement homeland security investigations arrested 1588 criminals associated with human trafficking. He developed a national human trafficking hotline to identify 16,862 potential human trafficking cases. His administration has given grants to help stop the trafficking serving 9000 cases. Homeland Security has hired more victim assistance specialists helping victims get resources and support. President Trump has called on Congress to pass school choice legislation so that no child is trapped in a failing school because they are in the wrong zip code. President Trump signed funding for this legislation in Sept of 2018 that increased funding for school choice by 42 million dollars. The tax cuts he signed into law promote school choice by allowing families to use 529 college savings plans for elementary and secondary education. Under his leadership ISIS has lost most of their territory and been largely dismantled. ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al- Baghdad’s was killed. Signed the first Perkins CTE reauthorization since 2006, authorizing more than $1billion for states each yr to fund vocational and career education programs. Executive order expanding apprenticeship opportunities for students and workers. Secured $350 billion in new trade and investment deals in China and $12 billion in Vietnam. Okay’d up to $12 billion in aid to farmers affected by unfair trade retaliation.
        Has had over a dozen hostages freed including those that Obama could not get freed. The Trump Administration is promoting second chance hiring to give former inmates the opportunity to live crime-free and find meaningful employment. Trump signed the Music Modernization Act, the biggest change to copyright law in decades. Trump!s EPA gave $100 million to fix the water infrastructure problem in Flint Michigan. Trump signed a bill making CBD and Hemp legal. The thee bills signed by Trump to benefit Native people the first gives compensation to the Spokane tribe for loss of their lands in the mid-1900s, the second funds Native language programs, and the third gives federal recognition to the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians in Montana. So, Jerry if you even got this far, there is another page I could have put on here that all these accomplishments are verifiable . I did not even put in a ton of strict done before COVID. The election is not far off. If you are really liberal and young then you may want socialism. I have seen it and once you are in that type of government you will not like it and ask yourself how could I let this happen. This election will be the deciding factor on whether we remain a democratic, capitalists and free America or slide into a Socialistic Republic. It is up to each one of us to make a decision on what type of country we want to leave to our children and me grandchildren. The reason everyone wants to come to America is due to our way of life, our 1st Amendment and our 2nd Amendment, and our Constitution. I fully accept the tweets and he does it too much, and sometimes acts unlike any of our previous Presidents but he also gets things done unlike most all of our gone-by Presidents. Granted he Has made mistakes but please tell me which President has been perfect in all words and deeds during their term in office. Joe Biden has been in Washington DC for over 40 years please tell me what he has accomplished to benefit you or me? If you think Kamala will be your savior you are wrong. She changes her mind and definitely will be manipulated by the way left group and eventually our country will become Venezuela. I want my grandchildren to have our current America which we are all free to say what we want even a member of the House of Representatives saying in her acceptance speech they will impeach the M…..F in front of young adults and children. This women is a state Rep and a member of the Squad that does not love this country but wants to make it into something that 99% of Americans do not want. I do not know who you are but surely I would think you like living in a free country where you have choices. Biden will be gone and Kamala is not a strong enough woman to fight off the extreme left and the money men that probably want to get ahold of a person that will bend to their will. Good luck to us all. This election is a lot more critical than you know. You can stay a hater but check out what he has done for all races. I have seen people that are prejudice and they would not do anything for any race that they did not like. If Trump was prejudice he would not do anything for any other race. Yet he has done a lot for all races. I like someone to give me a list of accomplishments that even come
        close to Trump by Biden who again has had 40 yrs and every critical decision that was needed he was always on the wrong side and even Kamala has been in government longer than Trump and does not have a stellar resume as a prosecutor and has as of 2019 and even more progressive voting record than Sanders or Warren in her Senate votes. On a last note, could you or I accomplish as much as President Trump with all the negative press, the Russian Conspiracy, the spying on his campaign, and then the impeachment trial that cost the American tax payers over $25 million and was going on while he had to deal with COViD yet he closed our borders 11 days after Dr. Fauci Said in an interview I believe with either CNN or another network that the US did not have anything to worry about. Then the man I believe in Seattle died of COVID and President Trump closed our country to China and was called all kinds of names and a racist. Even Biden took back his slander and had to admit it was the right thing to do. They keep saying that he has done a bad job he is not listening to the scientists and over 160,000 people have died. That is true but who was it that said masks were not needed? Dr. Fauci and the Surgeon General. They should of told us we need to get every mask to the first responders and just make yourself a covering with a scarf or something until we can produce more. Do not forget China knew they had a problem in late November and did not reveal it to any country. So who do you think is responsible for all the death around the world? There are still 8 doctors missing that tried to get the information out of China.
        They have not been seen since the beginning of February. When Trump tried to be upbeat that is just his nature he is always looking on the bright side. He is not a skilled politician. A skilled politician would have the doctors and CDC reps always give the briefings so they could be blamed instead of them. You must be young based on your responses. Hopefully, you will not have to live in a Biden / Harris world. They will not even be the people running the country they will be the figure heads only, the far leftist will be the power behind them and our country will never be the same.
        Jerry, good luck to you and I hope, what I am telling you would not be realistic but since I have been on this earth for a long time and seen so many ups and downs if Trump is not re-elected it will be a very different America and good luck to us all.

  3. Tonic water is used in drinks Gin and Tonic! hasn’t hurt the drunks any! I pour the water in my wine my daughter drinks it on ice. The tonic water has Quinine in it .

  4. I agree with Jim Sears’s comments 100%. The other thing that is very obvious to me is that she is very phoney! I actually cringe when she does that super fake laugh of hers. Biden’s pick makes me even MORE sure that I will NOT pick him as President of the U.S.A.

  5. Of course. It has become obvious through this gov’t shutdown that certain people could care less about the American people and those around the world, really. They just want to see their agenda fulfilled even at the expense of their constituents’ lives. I hope justice is served, and it can’t come soon enough.

  6. The Demise of their media by their own hands!!!!!!
    The media is so ridiculous along with Hollywood and the gay tech media and blm and Antifa and their Demscum politicians all Humans are laughing at them !!!
    They have proven their treason beyond any humans doubt!
    Were that not in control of 95% of the so called narrative news all democrat politicians the entire blm movement and Antifa along with Obama the Clintons, Soro’s and family the fbi , cia including their attorneys would already be in jail awaiting their executions for treason!!!!
    The true numbers behind this treasonous coup is less than 10000 scum calling themselves democrats aka the sweat dripping from the devils balls ! Their followers are the uneducated, unwilling to work malcontents their illegal and subsidized aliens aka illegal voters with no more than 20% of the population being that stupid to hate a country that’s been feeding them their entire worthless lives!
    The media they own makes it sound like they are the majority and they are such idiots they think the Americans hearing their lies believe them!
    The saying you reap what you sow!
    Will be a surprise for the left for after they have literally destroyed their cities the idiots think Americans will rebuild them to destroy again!
    We will not we will Ostracize them and their cries they will be met with extreme prejudice as they stink up conservative cities with their presence!
    Their will be no jobs for Demscum
    No food
    No housing
    No future
    They will only be treated as they have treated Americans and America !
    As treasonous cancers within Our Great Nation!
    With hate!
    Prejudice !
    And Distain!
    It is to late to redeem themselves short of democrats illuminating their own criminals in one night !
    I call on any good democrats if their are any to standup and destroy their worthless tides of scum within their house!
    It is your one and only chance for redemption!
    For when November comes around conservatives will take off our gloves and solve your treasonous coup!
    One way or another it’s your choice become patriots to America democrats or perish !
    I personally hope you become Americans Again
    However I know you haven’t the integrity or any human traits within your devil owned soles!
    Come November don’t be surprised if Oklahoma and Texas don’t start selling hunting tags for your sorry asses!
    25cents a tag no limit and no requirement to pay the tag fee for any cost to eliminate Demscum would be overpriced

  7. I also believe it is the cure and now more than ever since Our President has taken it himself. The Demon- crats don’t care about the people, they want to control the people. All they want is POWER! I people vote for Biden, all we will get is a Socialist Country. We will be no better than China!!!

  8. 100% agree the media is lying and trying to stop this medicine from being used to hurt our present and our Nation

  9. Madonna is right, except it is not for people to make big money it is because the Democrats don’t want to have any cure while Trump is in office. All of a sudden, if Biden wins, hydroxychloroquine will be the rage!

  10. If Madonna is now backing Trump on anything, it must be because the Trump administration has gotten compromising information on her. May be she also is a pedo, adrenochrome drinking ghoul!!!

    1. AmericWakeUpNow:
      That was a typical stupid liberal assessment based on ignorance and lack of any logic!

  11. I have something to add to what all of you brilliant people out there have said:
    Bla bla bla bla, there ya go!

  12. Old Joe picked Kamel Harris because she was the best looking of all the candidates. As everyone knows – he likes the good looking ones….

  13. Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit recently completed a study that confirmed the safety AND VALUE of treating COVID-19 patients. Check it out. Don’t take my word for it. NONPARTISAN, too….

  14. I am glad, Madonna is on Trumps side for a change…cause I love our President and want the celebs…I love to love him too

  15. I have been on Hydroxychloriquine since 2004 for Rhuematoid Arthritis, even having open heart surgery in 2015. Zero side effects. I was exposed to Covid in February and all that happened was a little shortness of breath for a few days, for maybe a half-hour each day, that was it….

  16. It has been around for multiple decades which is why it is considered untested ???? I used the drug, it was prescribed for my arthritis. Just more government control trying to run peoples lives.

  17. All politicians are about Power, self promotion and self preservation including Donald Trump. Daddy gave him 800 million to get started …… my Dad gave me $600. There is no white knight in these times just a whole lot of self deception and delusion mixing with political confusion. Donald Trump , Jesus Christ and Jo Biden aren,t gonna save me .

    1. Bryn, I do not disagree with you in regard to politicians. Why do you think the Democrats and all the powerful money people are against Trump? They cannot control him and he will not go along with them like all other politicians. He is not obligated to them and they hate it and him for it. I do not like his tweets and he is not a polished speaker he tells it like he sees it. He does not take a salary he donates it. I have seen some financial news that has stated since Trump has become President he has lost millions and a few stores that carried Ivanka’s clothing line stopped. I am pretty old and have seen a lot over my lifetime and you sound very bitter and I do not know your circumstances but they should have improved before the COVID. He made promises of things he would do and I was not sure he would keep those promises. He may not of gotten everything done but believe me he accomplished more in 3and a half yrs compared at least 7 or 8 Presidents. He cares about All Americans it does not matter what their skin is. All I can see is accomplishments and there are many for all races. So before you criticize please do your research and just do not take the lefts words. I look at all sorts of news and articles from all sides and then I check out what is the truth. It takes a little while and at least if I made a good or bad choice it really was my choice and not influenced by all the haters. Whatever is happening in your life I hope it changes for the better and good things will happen for you. These are hard times but since I am old I can tell you as long as I tried to keep a positive attitude through bad times things would eventually change and got better. You are the only one that can save you I learned that the hard way.

      1. It all good Kitty , I don,t need to be right.
        My comment was aimed at ALL Politicians , I have no preference.
        I,m supporting myself through the Pandemic I rely on no Government assistance.
        I invested my $600.

        1. Bryn, good for you. You sound very responsible and to me a good kid. Life is hard no matter who you are. Whatever your job is now I feel you will be a success as time goes on. You seem like it has been tuff but the ones that keep on fighting for a better life will find it. Take care and be safe.


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