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Does the Pope’s Announced Trip to Middle East Herald Armageddon?

The Vatican has announced that Pope Francis plans to visit Iraq in 2021. For many world leaders, that is a signal for hope and peace, but for others, it is a possible signal of something else entirely – The End of the World!

The Christian population has been decimated in Iraq. Christians around the world feel Pope Francis’ visit is a first step to “rebuilding” the Christian presence in the Muslim country. The Iraqi government described the planned visit as a “historic event” adding that “it symbolizes a message of peace to Iraq and the whole region”. But not everyone feels that way.

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There are some Christians who believe “rebuilding” Iraq could fulfill an “overlooked” prophecy of the Bible – the “Rebirth of Babylon” central to the Armageddon foretold in the Book of Revelations.  Revelation chapters 17 and 18 states that in order to see the prophecy come to fruition, Babylon “must be rebuilt on a grand scale.”

According to the Christian Post, “The Bible not only shows that a literal Babylon will exist at the end of our age, but it will be resurrected in the same location as its ancient predecessor in the Middle East.”

The article claims it is “going to reemerge in the land of Shinar known today as Iraq”.

It cites Zechariah 5:11 as evidence. That Bible chapter reads, “And he said to me, ‘To build a house for it in the land of Shinar; when it is ready, the basket will be set there on its base.’

Despite a fringe element who fear a potential doom of Biblical proportions, most in the Church are hoping the Pope’s visit will help bring the Christian community in the region back together.

Speaking to Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), Archbishop Nizar Semaan said, “I am full of happiness. This is just the greatest news because I think the visit will have a big impact on the lives of Christians in Iraq.

“The Pope’s decision to visit is a sign of the Holy Spirit at work.”

Executive president of ACN, Dr. Thomas Heine-Geldern, added:  “The visit is a sign of hope for the afflicted Christians who have faced persecution and discrimination for decades.

“This trip is another sign of the closeness and concern of the Pope for the Christians in the Middle East.


What do you think? Will the Pope’s visit usher in new hope for Christians in the Middle East, or sound the death knell of the coming Apocalypse? Please reply in the comments below!


17 thoughts on “Does the Pope’s Announced Trip to Middle East Herald Armageddon?

  1. Unfortunately The Pope no longer appears to be. Christian…..so what HE does in IRAQ? I couldn’t give a damn.
    He is a loose cannon.

    1. This Pope is by no means like any of the Popes we ever had, he believes things, that was ALWAYS against Christion belief, like Homosexuals, or Transgender, unbelievable what happened since this Pope came along.

  2. The majority of catholics, no longer trust this left=wing,lost pope. This pope can’t be trusted, with the idiotic stuff he says, u know he’s a hard case dumbocrap, because he has a bad case of TDS, and doesn’t even abide by cathiolic doctrine, the sooner he’s gone, the better for all. Him going to Iraq will do absolute nothing for the war torn country, that Iran is trying to unstablilize, and the pope wants to trust.pathetic

  3. You cannot be a born again Christian and follow the rules regulations of the Catholic religion; Our high priest is Jesus Christ and none other The Christian faith is a relation, not a religion.

      1. Hank,there are many different religions with many different beliefs. Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and loving Him,knowing that He first loved me is so overwhelming,knowing that the creator of the universe was willing to suffer and die for me, a sinner. He also loves you, and desires a relationship with you.

  4. He is the apostate. The breaker of the seals holding the devil under thrall. There are only two seals left to break before Armageddon.

  5. The world sees the Catholic Church as the representatives of all Christianity on the earth, that is not the case but that’s the way most secular people view Catholicism. Iran leadership is very angry at the way their world is going, the deaths of their top terror General and their nuclear program director. Islams mission is to take over the world and turn it over to Allah, they have been sanctioned and resisted to that end and I hope they don’t see this as an opportunity to strike a blow for Allah and Islam in general. They have been talking about retaliation, I hope the Pope has a lot of security with him.

  6. Mike – I thought of you as more educated regarding Scripture since you are writing about The Word. A brief look at the last book in the Bible would reveal to you that it’s The Book of Revelation, not Revelations. It’s not plural! I suspect you’ll never make that mistake again….

    1. PUI,
      I LOVE your comment to the tilt,
      This Communist Pope is a false prophet and he will do whatever to be in the limelight but he is to me a Big Hypocrite and the biggest Apostate that humanity has ever seen.
      He es phony, freak and fraud plus too friendly towards Islam (a false religion), homos and transgenders which have been and it’s repudiated in The Holy Book.

  7. This pope seems to think his views are more important
    Than the word of God.. he and creepy Joe are so alike..
    I think it’s more their confusion and where they
    Where educated.. university’s???

  8. Revelations also talks about the Great Deceiver; does anyone know who that is? Why, it’s none other than Little Fanny Frannie, in the Vatican he dwells. Freakin’ prick answers to Satan, not Our Father in Heaven.

  9. I am Jewish but I don’t believe that this pope has the interest of the Christians at heart, after all he is in bed with the communist chinese party who is not kind to Christians or any other religious groups. He had done nothing and said nothing against chinese putting Muslims in camps against their will. From the action or lack of action this pope to me is a die hard socialist and embraces communism not Christians, time for him to step down for the good of all Christian believers.

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