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Hilaria Baldwin Working Hard to Convince the World She’s Spanish?

ByAudra L.

Dec 31, 2020

Lately the media has become saturated with reports that Alec Baldwin’s wife is nothing more than a fraud. Hilaria Baldwin, 36, has shared that she is half Spanish and she’s going out of her way to dispel the rumors that she’s just a white girl who wishes to be more saucy.

In a recent Yahoo Entertainment report, Baldwin discussed the allegations that surfaced on social media “claiming that the former yoga instructor is a white American woman named Hillary who was born in Boston.” The allegations took like wild fire and spread throughout social media, leaving Baldwin to feel as if she needed to work double overtime to defend her true heritage.

Baldwin can be seen without makeup on her Instagram page explaining to everyone just how angry this has made her. “I’ve seen chatter online questioning my identity and culture, and this is something I take very seriously,” Baldwin says in her video. “I was born in Boston and grew up spending time with my family between Massachusetts and Spain. My parents and sibling live in Spain and I chose to live here in the USA,” she continues. She said this on Sunday, January 27th. To add proof to her disdain, she then stated that she would no longer address this issue because she was just over it. Well…it didn’t last long.


The very next day, Baldwin posted yet another video of her further explaining herself to the world. She went above and beyond the call of duty to convince the world that she is indeed of Spanish descent. Although social media went rampant on how she struggled to maintain her Spanish accent while on interviews, it seems she had a reason for that. “I’m both American and Spanish so I tend to speak both at the same time,” she explained in her Instagram video.

To make sure she convinced the world that she was Spanish, she then shared a copy of a text message conversation that she had with her brother in Spanish. Wow. Was it really that serious?

The greater question is why Baldwin is so determined to convince the world that she’s Spanish. If others fail to believe that she has Spanish origins, why does it tear her apart? Just when she promised us all that she would drop her need to explain herself, she comes back and gives us more explanations.

It’s not surprising that social media has taken this and ran with it. What else is there to do when there aren’t any jobs, money is tight, and COVID-19 has most of us trapped in the house all day? What is surprising, however, is Baldwin’s determination to expel any myth surrounding her origin.

All that should matter is that she’s who she believes herself to be, and that’s it. Whether she’s truly of Spanish origin won’t cure coronavirus, save the economy, or eliminate racism. Too bad. If we could only put this much energy into those things, we might just have a much better 2021. Just a thought.

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19 thoughts on “Hilaria Baldwin Working Hard to Convince the World She’s Spanish?”
    1. Who gives a shit where or what she’s from one thing for sure she’s a total fraud as a yoga instructor because she does nottt!!! Know anything about yoga and if she’s from Spain wat the heck is she’s doing in this country? We are Americans! And we speak English!! ! So if you don’t like it get the hell out!!!

  1. All the Baldwin brothers are bums. Anti-American bums. A great place for them where they have asylum is California. A great place for them to live like kings in a peasant 3rd world country – California

  2. Hilarious that she even cares. She’s a do nothing radical mouth that is hitched to a hater, racist and downright idiot in Ahole Baldwin. I’d knock him in the mouth so hard he might remember that he also is a do nothing shitty one time actor. The holleywierd satanist of the world. Shut your mouths and get of our airtime bitch.

  3. the turd and his turdette-please take her to spain and let her try to explain to the spanish -that she thinks she is spanish

    1. They deserve each other. They are both Wholes indeed. He is the pig that he called his daughter. She is not To Paris she is Hilarious. SNL take it and run with it. Those two pundits. I have other names for them, but Facebook would censor it. !

  4. I live in Hollywood and have run into many actors and people in the industry over the last 70 years. Some are very nice I would be any buddies good friend. Others are so full of themselves then it makes you wanna puke.
    I think most of us or just over the Hollywood elites, athletes, and politicians all of whom are grossly overpaid for the amount of work that they actually do… Telling all the rest of us had a think. My guess is that while they might have good luxe or athletic ability or in the case of a politician corruption at the core, They don’t begin to have the education required to solve any of the worlds problems. So when one of them decides that she wants to be Spanish I’m willing to except that who cares whether she wants to be Spanish Mexican Puerto Rican I don’t care what she thinks she wants to be if that’s what you want to be just declared it’s over that’s what you are. No one cares what you think

  5. as for a better2021—the democrats will continue with the works of obama-divide the country –
    continue to allow illegals to swarm in-gut the constitution till it self destructs-sell out america

  6. The Baldwins or as they are also known, Dumb and Dumber. He’s an elitist jerk off and she’s as phony as him. What a classless act. Hey a-holes crawl back into your clueless holes. Adios Hilary and Alec.

    1. Well, it’s about time Baldwin got a tast of his own medicine. What goes around comes around. Maybe this will teach you and your fake Hollywood friends a lesson about casting the first stone. You are an idiot and so is your non- spanish wife. Come on liberals. Where is the outrage? You are all a bunch of uneducated hypocrites.

  7. Who really cares what this pompous elitist and her prick of a husband does. They both make a living by pretending.

  8. The hatred, the vitriolic hatred, civility is nearly dead in America! So sad people is this how your parents brought you up or is this nastiness your own invention?

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