Man Robs McDonald’s… with a Chainsaw

Mugshot Of Man Arrested For Robbing McDonalds

A man attempted to rob a McDonald’s in Maine with a chainsaw. The suspect did not steal any cash, but he did take a free drink and food, according to police.

Alice Sweet was arrested around 3:30 pm on Tuesday, according to a post on the Westbrook Police Department’s Facebook page. Authorities found Sweet after responding to reports of a man chasing people with a chainsaw at a local McDonald’s.

The department’s Facebook post reads, “Today around 3:30 pm, multiple 911 calls were received reporting that a male was chasing people with a chainsaw at McDonald’s. All on-duty officers responded immediately to the area. Officers quickly located the suspect by the VIP Tires on Riverside Street in Portland. The suspect ran from officers, but was quickly caught and arrested without further incident by the Fireside Inn.”

The post also said that Sweet took the chainsaw into a local McDonald’s and waved it around behind the counter. The post says he “revved the chainsaw intermittently, and stole a drink and some food. When the manager confronted the suspect in the parking lot, the suspect began chasing the manager with the chainsaw. The suspect also used the chainsaw to damage two vehicles that were at the restaurant.”

There were no injuries.

Sweet has been charged with robbery, criminal mischief, refusing to submit to arrest, and violation of conditions of release, according to authorities.

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12 Thoughts to “Man Robs McDonald’s… with a Chainsaw”

  1. Cliff

    Well, at least he didn’t use one of the “EVIL GUNS” to do his “business” LOL!
    What’s next a “chainsaw ban”?

    1. Did he have a holster and a cc permit for that weapon. we should outlaw chainsaws, forks, bricks and anything someone might use as a weapon

  2. Glenda Dudley

    Named ALICE for a man. Poor man! Ban chainsaws!

  3. D. Emde

    He has three hots and a cot now (jail) for Christmas, thanks to his lawless behavior. Probably what he was going for in the first place. Smh

  4. Shirley Brady

    An example of Covid-19 fatigue/depression

  5. Thomas John Carter

    I hope he goes to the funny farm. Something is not right upstairs. And who named him Alice?

    1. Don Abrams

      My name is Sue, how do you do? Johnny, Cash
      Alice,heck l need a big mac for that insult

  6. Mike

    Let’s round up all the chain saws in Portland. These weapons of mass destruction have murdered millions of defenceless trees.I’m sure Papa Joe will put this on his to do list.

  7. Joseph Kinge

    Alice is now in Wonderland!!

  8. Daniel Massie

    You got that right!

  9. Those of us here in Alabama have a definitive solution for adjusting his or her (Alice?), ongoing mental illness. Its much faster and far less expensive than mental wards and psych doctors charges at taxpayers expense. Come at me with your running chainsaw while I’m dipping my fries, and I’ll relieve you of your duties with my 9mm semi automatic. Works every time.

  10. Lil Snot-Nosed Tommy

    I wish you wouldn’t have published that. Our Illinois “Pig” Governor seen it now he’s giving the entire state 5 days to turn in our saws (now called weapons of mass destruction in IL) or he is sending the State police to confiscate them. (or at least the ones that don’t own saws which is very few) I’m loading up my car now and moving south. These phlockin Demorats are making life unbearable!

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