Bruce Willis Kicked Out of Store for Refusing to Wear Mask

Actor Bruce Willis

A Rite Aid in the Los Angeles-area asked actor Bruce Willis to leave their store after he refused to wear a mask.

After the controversy surrounding the incident, Willis issued an apology and said it was an “error in judgment” on his part.

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Wearing a face mask is mandatory in all public indoor places in the state of California.

According to Page Six, the store employees asked the 65-year-old actor to put on his mask after several other customers complained.

A photo showed Willis wearing a jacket and baseball-style cap and a bandana around his neck, but he refused to put the bandana over his face. He chose to leave the establishment without completing his purchase.

On Tuesday night, Willis told People that it was a mistake.

“It was an error in judgment,” Willis said. “Be safe out there everyone and let’s continue to mask up.”

37 thoughts on “Bruce Willis Kicked Out of Store for Refusing to Wear Mask

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    1. Biden is a lot of things, but “Boss” he is not. Nor President. One has to be elected by the PEOPLE not fraud. Biden will NEVER be President of the United States, no matter what silly faux inauguration is planned.

      And only a fool believes a mask can protect from COVID-19. Besides, the mutations have made the virus much less toxic. Both hospitalization and death rates in Florida have plunged to new lows… and they continue to fall. This virus will soon be no worse than a typical seasonal influenza season.

      You won’t hear that on your fake news channels. They’re more interested in fear-mongering for profit.

      1. It already is less lethal than the flu. Notice we haven’t had 1 flu, cancer heart attack or anything other than COVID 19 deaths? Every death gets COVID 19 assignment.

        1. Well no wonder you are anonymous! A tip of wisdom for you anonymous, “Even a fool appears to be wise if he keeps his mouth shut.” This is not “gender specific” but applies across the board, just in case you’re female, anonymous.

  1. “Masks” (face diapers) are already proven NOT to work..They are only a form of POPULATION CONTROL, and if BRAINWASHED people accept them, and “do as they are told” what’s next? “Re-education GULAGS” to keep people “in line”?? (already been discussed) Little by little people are being turned into controlled “sheep” by a TYRANNICAL “government”. Look around America, and welcome your new COMMUNIST-CONTROLLED country brought to you by PROVEN rampant voter fraud IGNORED by corrupt BRIBED, (or “threatened”) “representatives”, “judges”, “mayors”, “governors” by “deep state rulers” that shoved COMMUNIST-CHINA “bought and owned” dementia-Joe, and his constitutionally-ineligible “anchor baby” down our throats to continue the destruction of our Constitutional republic started by FRAUD obama.

    1. You hammered it amigo! I doubt we’ll ever have an honest election again– this is not politics as such , but a communist attack which looks like it is successful. All the republicans who looked to support our president, slithered off into the swampy darkness.

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  3. To all the Doubter,
    Please go give the hospital staff , funeral homes , sanitation workers, factory workers etc etc a break. Oh and help stack the body bags in the freezers. Oh yeah and pay the bills for the jobless.

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    2. Carol, why then have 60,000 less people died in 2020 than those that died from all reasons in 2019??
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    3. I’d love to take your comment seriously Carol, but can’t when it’s so far removed from reality. Do you really not remember the truth of this, or is it that you choose to ignore it? Either way, I hope you come out from under the communist ether sooner than later. Ride on Bruce!!

    4. Good grief!! From what planet have you traveled Moon beam? If you try just a little bit, you can find the truthful stats on this virus ruse that the left are using to formally transfer you and all of us from citizens to subjects. You really have no clue as to what’s happening here.

  4. Ok Paula,you can open your eyes now, you are saved by the Government once again to live in Government housing with welfare and food stamps because Mr. TRUMP will not be pushing welfare to work policies for the next four years. Try watching some real news and you will see that there is another side of the story besides CNN

  5. He has nothing to apologize for stating up against Communist that is the one thing that disturbs me you must stand up for freedom live free or Die It’s that simple

  6. These clowns I think there’s something special like Bruce Willis and the rest of the jackasses they have a beard out they’re a diamond doesn’t they live in a fantasy world they think everybody should revolve around them they need to take the hint they can be replaced by anything that comes down the pipe I remember when they show up a thousand toilets across town flush

  7. Just look at the CDC‘s own overall death numbers, only 60,000 more in 2020 than 2019 and similar to all the years before. And of course there is an increase in the population and an increase in suicides, drug overdoses etc. caused by the lock down. A huge percentage of all the usual deaths from cancer, heart disease etc. are being re-labeled as Covid of course because just follow the money. If the Covid numbers were accurate shouldn’t there be many hundred thousands of more deaths this year? Wake up people, the pandemic is so over exaggerated it is utterly ridiculous. If the masses continue to comply we will continue to lose our freedom until our country is hardly recognized.

  8. Poor liberals always seem brain dead when it comes important issues that seem so clear to most of us. Take a good look at and listen to Biden for 5 minutes. If you can’t see that something is wrong there, I don’t know if you can be helped.

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