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Steve Irwin’s Family Is In Financial Trouble


Jan 25, 2021

Bindi Irwin has promoted a snack bar, after revealing her family’s financial struggles.

On Tuesday, the pregnant 22-year-old shared a collaboration post with the Mama Bar brand in an Instagram post.

She posed with her dog and a package of the snacks, while espousing their virtues in a long caption.

The Wildlife Warrior wrote: ‘Pregnancy has been such a special time and I wanted to find a snack that was good for me and our beautiful daughter.

‘I found Mama Bars @mamabarofficial and discovered how delicious they are. I’m soy and lactose intolerant so these bars being free of both is absolutely perfect. I snack on them whenever I need a pick-me-up.’

‘I was excited to partner with the Mama Bar team to share these delicious bars with you,’ she added, as well as sharing a 15 percent off offer.

The post comes after Bindi, who is expecting her first child with husband Chandler Powell, 24, revealed her family was having financial issues.

Australia Zoo was forced to shut for 78 days last year due to the pandemic, but the Irwins still had to pay $80,000 a week to feed the animals – placing them in a dire financial predicament.

In an emotional statement shared by Bindi in December, she detailed the struggles her family had faced in 2020.

Tough: Australia Zoo was forced to shut for 78 days last year due to the pandemic, but the Irwins still had to pay $80,000 a week to feed the animals – placing them in a dire financial predicament

‘For us, this year was filled with both tremendous joy and heartbreaking loss,’ Bindi wrote on Instagram, marking 50 years since the zoo opened in 1970.

She said the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital was the ‘busiest it’s ever been’ due to the bushfires, adding that it was costing them $80,000 a week alone to feed the animals.

She revealed that 2020 was the first time in history the family had to close their gates to guests, saying: ‘Every moment of every day the question of when or if we would recover burned in the back of our minds.

‘Our animal food bills alone are about $80,000 per week and we spent our days trying to keep our team and family of animals safe.’

Terri Irwin had previously said during an episode of Crikey! It’s the Irwins that the Sunshine Coast zoo spends a whopping $400,000 per week on wages.

Despite the tough year behind them, Bindi concluded her post on a positive note.

‘However, we were reminded that there is always hope on the horizon,’ she wrote.

‘Things turned around in Australia and we were able to open our doors once again to people needing a safe haven of gardens and wildlife.’

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13 thoughts on “Steve Irwin’s Family Is In Financial Trouble”
  1. with any luck the american government’s stupidity has not spread to australia. the simple use of common sense in the down-under the Irwin/powell family will hang in there and thrive..

    1. Why are you blaming the US? How about the Aussie president? Besides, why not just feed some of the animals to some of the other animals? Just sayin’.

  2. It’s a huge shame on the politicians who pushed the fauxdemic and caused so many businesses and families to lose their livelihoods. There is no ‘covid’ pandemic. It is the flu plain and simple. The hysteria was pushed by those wanting to ruin President Trump. They used the fake pandemic to push illegal voting changes, increased mail in ballots illegally and installed a fake president.

    It’s already coming to light this was all a hoax to bring about a coup. CA, NY, Chicago are all ‘opening’ on cue as biden wreaks havoc on the United States and the world.

    God help the USA and the world.

    1. We all knew that if the election was successfully stolen by the communists masquerading as democRATS that Covid-19 would quickly disappear. It was very serious, but nowhere near as deadly as the communists, MSM and social media propagandists made it. Now that they have destroyed the economy we are at the same place Obozzo has us at in 2015. If these communist traitors are not punished we will be another Third World dictatorship unti we do something about it.

      1. We already are a Third World Country. We are out of money, jobs, livelihood, etc. Thanks to the stupid Democrats for giving our money to China and Illegals, and leaving us with next to nothing, we are a Third World Country. I hate to say this, but come the next 4 years with Biden at the helm, and Harris up his ass, the US is going to be wiped out. Which is the way they want it. Goodbye USA.

      2. Almost 500,000 thousand people are dead of all ages , races, religious backgrounds , political backgrounds etc etc. Who gives a rats ass about money if we are all dead!!!!!!!Money is not the answer to everything!!!!!!

    2. Your an idiot to call the pandemic a hoax. 4,000 people daily coming up positive is no hoax. My son, nephew and his family and my niece and her husband getting covid was no hoax. Wake up and smell the coffee, Trump is gone and fortunately we have a new president.

    3. To be honest I really blame Dr. Fauci, it seemed to me that he was deliberately trying to shut everything down so President Trump would lose that’s the way it seemed to me.

  3. Isn’t there a way for the local public to give food donations? Some families over buy and food starts to wilt or whatever and its thrown out why not donate that to the Zoo? Its good for animal consumption. That would help with some food cost. List what items are appropriate for people to donate You might be amazed how much some people are willing to help.

  4. Now she can get a job like the rest of us. She and family are insufferable idiots. Animals hate them too.

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