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Man Lived in Airport for Months Because He Was Scared to Fly


Jan 18, 2021
Mugshot Of Man Who Lived In Airport

Chicago police have announced the arrest of a California man they say was living inside the O’Hare International Airport for three months. The man was allegedly scared to fly because of concerns of Covid-19 transmission.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the man, named Aditya Singh, is accused of living inside the airport’s security zone since he arrived there in October. According to the report, Singh was charged with felony criminal trespass.

The judge in the case appeared shocked during a Sunday court hearing. The judge asked how someone could live inside such a major airport for such a long period of time without anyone noticing. According to prosecutors, United Airlines employees discovered Singh, who was carrying a lost airport employee identification card.

Singh’s bail was set at $1,000. He cannot visit an airport until his court appearance later this month.

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4 thoughts on “Man Lived in Airport for Months Because He Was Scared to Fly”
  1. How could he live in the secured area of O’Hare airport for three months????????????easy answer to that question: BECAUSE TSA IS RUNNING SECURITY. They have to search babies and old women but here’s a guy who absolutely LOOKS like a radical terrorist and he’s there undetected , wandering around with a SECURITY badge for three months………if anything they ought to hire him, to show them how totally messed up and incompetent their security IS!

  2. Ok, let me see if I get this right. He lives in an airport, scared of COVID, where people from all over the world come in and out 24/7. Well that’s got to be the safest place I can think of…..NOT !!

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