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Woman Stabs Husband for Cheating… in Her Dream

Jones County sheriff’s deputies arrested Lindsey Stephens on Saturday, Dec. 26, 2020, for aggravated domestic assault.

According to multiple sources, she explained to investigators that she had a dream of her husband “messing” with another woman, which caused her to stab him up to seven times.

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Stephens confessed to police that she “has a dream that her husband was messing around.” When she woke up she went out to the kitchen and got a knife, then came into the bedroom and stabbed him.

Stephens’ husband was reportedly hospitalized and underwent surgery and was expected to make a full recovery.

Her husband is currently in the hospital with up to seven stab wounds.

2 thoughts on “Woman Stabs Husband for Cheating… in Her Dream

  1. Thirty-three years ago, I was woken up by my new bride. She was coughing and said I had been choking her. It scared me quite a bit. “What if I had choked her to death?” “What jury would believe I did it in my sleep?” I calmed down enough to ask if I could see her neck. There were no marks of any kind that would suggest I had choked her. She had dreamt it all. I’m thankful she didn’t slink out of bed, go into the kitchen and grab a knife, and come back to exact her revenge.

    Also, she looks possessive or possessed.

  2. I was Married to a psycho like that!! She believed it was all true. She needed to get a real life. No Mercy.

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