Teen Follows Women Home and Stabs Them to Death at Random

A Florida man was arrested for allegedly following two women home, breaking into their house and stabbing them both to death early Monday morning.

Largo Police officers responded to a 911 call on 8th Avenue NW near 10th Street NW just before 2 a.m. Monday.

Officers found two female victims dead on the floor of the residence. The victims were not identified.

Largo Police said a man followed the two women home after seeing them in public. He allegedly crawled in through a window while they were sleeping early Monday morning, WFLA-TV reports.

Largo resident Sage Curry, 19, was arrested Monday and charged with two counts of first-degree murder and armed burglary. He was held at the Pinellas County Jail.

Neighbors said a mother and daughter lived at the home, according to WFLA.

Police allege Curry stabbed the first victim multiple times in the chest while she was sleeping, WFLA reports. When the other woman heard the attack and came into the room, Curry allegedly stabbed her multiple times in the face and neck.

Police said Curry was injured in the second attack. He reportedly ran to a neighbor to request help for his injury. Curry’s booking information lists a “cut with stitches.”

Police said Curry “confessed to grabbing the sharpest kitchen knife he could,” WFLA reports.

WTSP-TV reports Curry admitted to rolling one victim off of a couch, where she was sleeping, “to make the incident look like an accident before he left the residence.”

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10 Thoughts to “Teen Follows Women Home and Stabs Them to Death at Random”

  1. Richard

    This kind of slime needs to de eradicated within one month of there offense, no trial needed.

  2. Richard Ittner sr.

    Swift justice for the victim , swift death for the nutcase. No cure for what he did. The only cure is his immediate removal from society.

  3. John

    These women should have had their CCWs .

  4. It’s about time the laws change. This POS goes to court, judge sentences immediate death penalty and in less than 48 hours he/she is hung or shot. Good riddens to the scum.

  5. Maxx

    People that commit violent crimes should be punished with the same violence they committed.
    Isn’t that what the Bible states? “An eye for an eye”. For this reprobate he should die from being stabbed just like his victims. If criminals had that to look forward to if they get caught it might possibly have a deterrent effect. If not so what, they will never commit the crime again.

  6. More of waters , the squads WARNOCK rhetoric. They should be charged and and placed in a dark 8×5 cell with a hole in the corner,water and bread till ????. This butcher sees that you can butcher and walk free.

  7. This is what happens to a country that takes God out of every equation!

  8. Joseph Kinge

    He’ll be prosecuted and convicted in Florida. There, they know what they’re doing and how to enforce the law.
    If that were in Chicago, he’d already be released by Kim Fixx, our dopey state’s attorney.

  9. Joseph Kinge

    Are you one of those places that if comments are not in line with your opinions, they are not posted? If so, and you don’t post my comment, please unsubscribe me from any, and all, of your ‘news’ articles.

  10. Bandits and murderers feel great under the rule of the corrupt government of the corrupt Biden. You can freely kill, rob, destroy offices, shops, cultural monuments – everything is allowed! And to make them even more comfortable, for this defund the police, taking away weapons from citizens so that they cannot resist banditry, remove the 2nd amendment and racial hatred, in order to push people against each other to increase the number of murders – everything is allowed!

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