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Kim Jong Un ‘Alive And Well,’ South Korea Says

Is he or isn’t he?

Some reports say North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is in a “vegetative state.” Others say he’s in a coma. And now a new report says he’s just fine.

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Top South Korea government officials said Monday that despite all the speculation, Kim is “alive and well.”

“Our government position is firm,” Moon Chung-in, the top foreign policy adviser to South Korean President Moon Jae-in, told CNN. “Kim Jong Un is alive and well. He has been staying in the Wonsan area since April 13. No suspicious movements have so far been detected.”

The new comments follow a Japanese magazine report over the weekend that Kim is in a vegetative state after falling gravely ill following heart surgery.

According to Shukan Gendai, Kim visited a rural area earlier this month and collapsed, clutching his chest. Kim reportedly required a stent procedure, which inserts a tube into the heart to keep blood flowing freely, following the incident. Shukan Gendai also said the surgeon in charge of Kim’s operation was not familiar with dealing with obese patients and was “too nervous during the operation, leading to delays that left Kim in a ‘vegetative state.’”

On Friday, Reuters reported that China has sent a team to North Korea — including medical experts — to advise on Kim, according to three people familiar with the situation.

The trip by the Chinese doctors and officials comes amid conflicting reports about the health of the North Korean leader. Reuters was unable to immediately determine what the trip by the Chinese team signaled in terms of Kim’s health.

A delegation led by a senior member of the Chinese Communist Party’s International Liaison Department left Beijing for North Korea on Thursday, two of the people said. The department is the main Chinese body dealing with neighbouring North Korea.

Meanwhile, CNN reported that a website specializing in North Korean affairs published satellite images on Saturday “that researchers said show a train ‘probably belonging to Kim Jong Un’ has been parked at a railway station serving Kim’s luxurious Wonsan compound on the country’s eastern coast since at least April 21.”

The presence of the train does not prove DPRK leader is at the Wonsan compound but “does lend weight” to reports he is staying in the area, according to the article published by 38 North, which publishes analysis on North Korean affairs and is a project of the Henry L. Stimson Center, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank.

Kim also reportedly expressed his appreciation on Monday to workers building a tourism zone in the same region of North Korea where his train has been spotted.

“Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has sent his thanks to the workers and officials at the construction site of the Wonsan-Kalma tourist resort,” a newsreader said on the Korean Central Broadcasting Station.

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  1. Hes just doing something that Amreicans find very hard to do and that is to stay away from sources of COVID-19 so he doesn’t catch it. He has no reason to be running around with reports it is taking a massive toll on his country. I’ve got no reason to think either way, just speculation

    • of course you would say something like that to also pertect little kim.. but not once did i hear you say nothing about it’s China’s fault why we have the covid 19. listen i feel if you don’t have nothing positive to say don’t say nothing at all.. honestly i really don’t care where he is or how he’s doing… my thoughts is that he’s a chicken.

      • it’s only another China prank cover up.. what kim jong un needs to do is grow up and do his job as a human being and stop playing these childish games.. and people need to stop listening to(CNN) a bunch of liers.

  2. This is a relief to the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party, Their Comrade is alive and well.

  3. Yeah let’s believe what the North Korea socialist government has to say about little rocket man!!!

  4. Who cars

  5. “WHO” even cares..??? It’s NOT so that he is even RELEVANT…..!!!

  6. Too bad, would benefit the world if the fat little pr//k croaked.

  7. Hopefully this bad experience helps him to stop using drugs. Obesity and cocaine bad synergy. Maybe GOD is giving him a second chance. Just pray for Mr. Kim Jong Un, our GOD can restore him in many ways in many aspects.

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