Joe Rogan dominates the podcasting game. There are estimates out there that he garners close to 200 million downloads per month. Not to mention he was already a multi-millionaire before signing his huge deal with Spotify earlier this year. There were concerns that a huge corporate platform like Spotify would try to mess with Rogan’s editorial control of his show before he moved over to the streaming platform.

The overly-sensitive social justice warriors might not have succeeded yet, but it is not because they are not complaining or trying. As reported by Digital Music Daily

Ahead of JRE’s much-anticipated Spotify debut, Joe Rogan made clear that Spotify would have no creative control over his ultra-popular podcast, which is famous for its diverse body of guests and unfiltered dialogue. However, when the program officially arrived on the music platform, fans noticed that several episodes (most but not all involving controversial individuals) were missing from the lineup.

Initially, they attributed the missing podcasts to a technical hang-up. However, it subsequently came to light that a number of Spotify employees had taken issue with JRE. Many pushed for the removal of additional episodes. Shortly thereafter, DMN revealed that the in-house opposition went even deeper than that. Some team members were demanding direct editorial oversight of Joe Rogan Experience episodes. They also threatened to strike or stage a walkout unless they received it.

Rogan stands up for himself

Now, Rogan has personally addressed the weeks-long controversy and pushed back against the idea of Spotify censoring his podcast. The 53-year-old Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt emphasized his stance on the matter in the 1,544th entry of JRE. Stand-up comedian and podcaster Tim Dillon asked whether the rumors of a dispute with Spotify employees were “complete fodder.”

Later in the podcast, he told Dillon, “But I get it, you’re a 23-year-old woke kid and you’re working for this company and you think you’re gonna put your foot down, I get it.”

The whole thing about not transferring all his previous episodes over to Spotify is simply a childish act. Woke temper tantrums for everyone.

Now, Rogan has been accused of being transphobic. The result of which is the feelings over fact crowd attacking Joe Rogan. And he is someone who is actually interested in learning and talking about different views. Joe Rogan has said multiple times that he is for allowing anyone to do as they wish, as long as it does not hurt anyone else. What that means is pretty self-explanatory, or at least it should be.

2020 has been pretty bad. But at least we still have a couple of people who are willing to stand up to the #Woke crowd.

3 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Mocks Spotify”
  1. Well if the fags at Spotify don’t line it to bad, strike!
    The real problem w/ WOKE kids ( WOKE PEOPLE) is that it’s completely ridiculous. They can say or do whatever they want an so can you as long as you agree w/them. The minute you disagree then they become butt hurt and want to have a peaceful protest or dye their hair pink, blue, green, or purple. They rip the President,Police anyone that disagrees.
    Most of these people are under 25 an haven’t paid for their own toothpaste let alone their own bills. That’s the real problem. Go out and live/do life that’s where your political an life knowledge comes from. That’s when you find out if someone is offering it for free it’s a scam, ain’t nothing free. You also learn by running your own house that the way the government has handled the National debt there is NO WAY we can afford free health care, college, etc.

  2. Would someone please tell our Congressman if they want to constantly complain about our President an attack a future justice about her religion . Maybe they should take a good look at Bill n Hillary Clinton the womanizer now most likely a pedophile he committed treason when pardon Mark Rich a man who sold arms to Iran while they were holding are people hostage talk about illegitimate . Please tell why I should have respect for the gay community when they won’t even respect make choice to be religious . Congresswoman Feinstein must have forgotten about the concentration camps in Germany maybe she wants to start some where we kill Catholics . All the time letting that pig Bill Clinton run free it’s amazing no one has interview for what’s was it 26 trips to Epstein island either he was involved or knew what was going on and said nothing . No but let’s impeach a sitting President on a Hillary hissy fit . Democratic are either bought and paid for or they are just stupid .

  3. I love these replies. There are still smart Americans out there, thank God!
    We still have free speech… even though the domestic terrorist and Democraps are trying to take it away and make this country a socialist sty.
    These 20 something “kids”(news flash you’re an adults), need to read a real history book and see what’s going on.
    The dems, BLM, Antifa are doing the exact actions that happened in Europe… WW 2. Censorship! Really, just because you’re butt hurt! Go Joe, keep up the free speech!
    Instead of Hitler there’s Biden, but let’s face it he’s just a puppet for the Clintons and Obamas in this country.
    So get a job , pay taxes and respect others. I’m tired of those that want special treatment because of their race, sexual orientation, etc and want to destroy our culture and Heritage as Americans. Just be a human being and look at the content of your character. Do you think there’s a better country than this to live in, if so, catch the next flight out!

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