“I’m not saying it was the Aliens – but it was the Aliens.” That is not exactly what Nashville bomber Anthony Warner said prior to blowing himself and his dog up on Christmas Day, but it just as well could have been.

According to local news outlets, Warner sent packages containing writings and videos promoting conspiracy theories to multiple people just days prior to the blast. Within the freely expressive musings by the bomber were references to everything from Aliens to 5G mind control.

The packages contained at least nine typed pages of writings and two thumb drives loaded with videos. At least one of the packages contained a letter that began, “Hey Dude, You will never believe what I found in the park.”

“The knowledge I have gained is immeasurable,” the letter continues. “I now understand everything, and I mean everything from who/what we really are, to what the known universe really is.”

Among Warner’s meandering thoughts, he wrote about 9/11 and the moon landing, saying at one point, “The moon landing and 9-11 have so many anomalies they are hard to count.” Warner also wrote that aliens have been attacking Earth since September 2011 and that the media is covering up the attacks.

Warner’s writings also discuss the conspiracy theory that Earth is controlled by a race of reptilian lizard people.

“They put a switch into the human brain so they could walk among us and appear human,” Warner wrote.

The letters were signed “Julio,” a name Warner often used when signing emails, according to his friends. CBS affiliate WTVF-TV reports that a source said Warner also had a dog named Julio. Canine remains were found at the blast site, and it is believed Warner may have had a dog with him when he killed himself.

In a statement, the FBI said, “We are aware the suspect sent materials which espoused his viewpoints to several acquaintances throughout the country” and asked anyone who received a package to contact them.

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9 thoughts on “Nashville Bomber Driven by Conspiracy Theories?”
  1. And what is the FBI not telling us about ” Dominion Machine ” with fraud arrested for an audit in a building in Nashville that was blown up by this bomber ?

  2. I think you can not call his writings conspiracy because a lot of what he says is true. The 9/11 was done by our Govt.Bush Administration with Israels help, to get America to fight their enemies and for truck loads of gold that rolled out of the Towers. The school shootings and most other shootings that happened in the Obama Administration were Faked by FBI,Homeland Security, and bad actors to grab citizens guns because the Democrats have been selling America out (Our jobs and our natural resources) to Communist China , Russia and dozens of other countries in order to bring in their New World Nazi Order. they must crush the country first and take away the Second Amendment they have been doing this by creating fake false flag shootings reported by FAKE Commie paid news like the CIA`s station CNN and all other Democrat controlled press.

    1. If nothing else in your moronic rant tells me that you are pathetically stupid, the phrase “truckloads of gold that rolled out of the Towers” does the job very well. Tell me, did they “roll out” before or after the planes hit? Were they pick-up trucks, or eight-wheelers? Were they battery operated or wind-up? I’m sure that someone with your remarkable insight would have the answers to these questions. Please post your reply in the Personals column of the National Enquirer on the second Tuesday of next week.

  3. To me it sounds like another nut case lost all sense of reason and did something nut cases are famous for. The big problem I see is that nut cases are becoming more and more prevalent in our society. Thanks to the Democrats nut cases even get special rights-for instance, a nut case endowed with all of the gear men usually have decides he just might be a woman-we actually pay for this nut case to have deformation surgery, rather than attempting to get him psychiatric help.

  4. someone mentally ill or even very paranoid about government or other conspirators would be very easy to persuade to either carry out this bombing or think he was simply dropping the bombing device ie the camper off and then fleeing ..it would be so easy to play into his fears or thoughts and make him do practically anything you wanted n he’d not ever really know what he was actually doing he’d be so excited or serious that someone else was helping n believed what he does. To be honest there was a couple of agendas this bombing had , one to erase or wipe out the info data on this election fraud and the true numbers which would clearly show Trump destroyed Biden in the election and that dominion the democrats and communists are taking over our country and we are under attack from both enemies and traitors within ! Lots of them! Could have told him an alien base was at those buildings any number of them! Two ATT down ALL THOSE THOUSANDS OF CELL AND TELEPHONE SERVICES AND PEOPLE IN SEVERAL STATES PROVIDES ANY NUMBER OF THINGS TO GO ON INCLUDING SETTING UP OR REMOVING SPY EQUIPMENT/programs names of voters that voted Trump, mass amounts of data to be moved or dumped or stored rearranged or hidden anything! Took a huge load off the already way overloaded “under systemed “ system to do any number of things including aforementioned. Stop/start or remove any unknown tracking or monitoring of conspirators by phone services unbeknownst to ATT OR DEMS N COMMS, or set up the new system in place for whats coming! Tracking down ALL TRUMP AND REPUBLICANS SUPPORTERS, to kill and or imprison and that is going to happen theyve even openly said it so you retards thinking conspiracy theory again here we go youre an idiot and killing yourself and millions of innocent Americans and women n children and our country and freedom all over the world not just here! Id say by the recording warning people of the bomb the guy didnt want innocent people harmed and they allowed that to a point . I mean whos gonna rush up in that vehicle to start with , 2nd many would ignore it . Many would run n heed the warning many were asleep , and this guy maybe thinks hes gonna slip out of the rv just moments before it’s detonated and he and his DOG , whom he loved and is not going to blow up, are gonna slip off n blow the rv remotely from afar and “kill the enemy “ aliens or whatever he thought was told or made believe, but I guarantee you before his time to exit THEY BLEW THE RV AND HIM N HIS DOG AND WHATEVER ELSE THEY COULD UP IN THERE LEAVING NO WITNESS OR LUNATIC TO TELL WHAT REALLY HAPPENED! They probably initiated all the contact letters to multiple sources screaming looney look at me ! Easy story for media buy wait theyre bought , to fool what intellectual americans there are left in the country that arent crooked or communists or traitors or child molesting politicians. This was probably the easiest most fun assignment for a couple of asshole traitor agents to pull off and made them feel so empowered preying on the mentally ill to kill steal cheat and destroy our country and election integrity and TRUTH AND HELP SET N COMMUNIST TAKEOVER ! You have to be retarded or an alien to believe in that or any semblance of it ever being beneficial to ANYONE ANYWHERE! Folks all of this going back to Reagans “a time for choosing” speech in the 60’s warning us of this EXACTLY STEP BY STEP.. EVIL attacking our very being to the 18 years multi billion dollar man hunt of Ted Kacqzinsky aka the Unabomber who also warned us of this and the tools theyd use and the industrial revolutions evil side effects and uses and the lefts corrupt evil plans, he was spot on , a bit crazy but brilliant to a tee n was exactly right they took him out! To all of this so insanely wide open criminal beyond belief activity in our faces n no bo dy NOT ONE PERSON HAS BEEN JAILED CHARGED OR EVEN BROUGHT UP ON ANY AND THE CRIMES HAVE BEEN SO MANY AND SO SEVERE ITS LUNACY! They tested us the whole time to see would we stand up and stop it or just continue to feel helpless or like someone has our backs this cant happen attitude n do nothing n thats exactly what we are doing .. NOTHING AND THOSE WITH THE MOST TO LOSE WILL BE THE ONES THAT DO THE LEAST TO PREVENT IT “ said Reagan ! We’d been lulled into thinking the government is the power over us n we are helpless to stop them when in fact thats the exact opposite we the people are the complete power n government is not SHIT NOR HAS ANY AUTHORITY TO STOP US FROM REMOVING EVERYONE OF THEM BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY . It doesnt take any majority of us or millions it simply means when any or all government members are not representing us or working for us or misleading stealing lying bot governing properly for the good of the people we can remove EVERY SINGLE MEMBER IN EVERY HOUSE SENATE STATE GOVERNOR EVEN THS PRESIDENT SUPREME COURT ANY AND ALL AND REPLACE WITH A GOOD HONEST GOVERNING BODIES FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE NOT TOOK CORRUPT COMMUNISTS AND FREAKS! Any and ALL MEANS INCLUDING DEATH! It says it plain as day in the constitution n this they want gone asap! You let Biden take this seat and damn well know them two democrats did not win in Georgia for real they cleaned up their game slightly in that cheat, but no there aint a blue state within 5 states of Georgia n youre gonna tell several million democrats just up n moved in the middle of a billion republicans this election? Only blue state “allegedly” in all the south n south east n west area! No way in hell folks . See Biden was gonna be and was destroyed so badly in this election it was embarrassing and would all but destroy this democrat communist anti american anti god anti straight sick band of psychotic devils ! And we’d be back on the road to every American prospering and living and seeing the utter corruption and stealing BOTH PARTYS HAVE BEEN ENACTING UPON AMERICAN CITIZENS SINCE OUR BEGINNINGS! So they had to do it all or nothing ! Its so widespread and so much money and manpower behind this all our assault and war upon our country and freedom and existence and yes people it is exactly that its not gonna be ok this will never pass we are doomed or we kill and take back our country its that simple! Set on your asses n see who saves you ! No got damn body this will make the holocaust look like a slumber party! Look at the pure scum leading it the worst ones pretending to fight it, the unknown n seen ones backing it, and the countless dumbasses supporting it n killing themselves n their own families! To spite a republican! Huh! Pure brilliance! Why do you think our education system has been so damn poor for decades? Need a bunch of dummies to believe n support you to kill them! This is the biggest powergrab and takeover of the mightiest empire ever in the history of this planet , so far without a single bullet fired ! Oh yeah why you think the big ammo shortage came about now and what if you had no ammo could you easily utilize to make ammo in a serious need ? COINS OH SHIT HAPPENS TO BE A HUGE COIN SHORTAGE AT THE SAME TIME AS AMMO ! Hmmmmm! After centuries of coins released into circulation every year of our existence not taken out of circulation but in one year magically all disappeared? No you dumb asses get your guns your kids n all the damn ammo u can TODAY BEFORE THEY COME FOR YOU! We are under attack and its not BULLSHIT ! No one has our backs but us and Trump n hes one man! Theyre gonna put him in prison if they dont kill him outright! Then we are next! If you have one tenth of a brain know this is true and rise up UNITE N FIGHT ! Millions of men n women died for us to be free n help others be free ! Its all for nothing if we set on our asses ! Its over today if we dont unite n fight folks God bless you n our country ! UNITED WE STAND…DIVIDED WE FALL! TODAY!!

  5. Maybe Seth Leftcow can explain just exactly how an aluminum airliner can penetrate steel reinforced concrete floors, on edge ( about an acre each) and continue into the building. forget about how fast you may think it was going. They expected you to just believe the airplanes were traveling at a high speed, but it wouldn’t allow for the impossible to happen. ( drill ) look up VNE for a Boeing 757 at say approximately 800-900 ft altitude.

  6. I may have another conspiracy for all of you to tell me I am derranged. Could it be that Nancy Pelosi was behind all of it. She has a very dark background and has been into human and child se trafficking all her adult life and her father was heavily involved in the Mafia back when JFK was still alive. The disgusting piece of sh*t, Pelosi should be shot!

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