Woman Arrested After Refusing to Return $1.2 Million the Bank Accidentally Gave Her

Mugshot Of Woman Who Didn't Return 1.2 Million

A New Orleans woman has been arrested after refusing to return $1.2 million that was accidentally deposited into her brokerage account.

Kelyn Spadoni, 33, was taken into custody on April 7 and charged with the theft of more than $25,000, bank fraud, and the illegal transmission of monetary funds.

A financial services corporation accidentally transferred over $1.2 million into her account instead of the $82 they intended.

Spadoni immediately transferred the money to a different bank account before buying a new car and a new house with the funds.

After the bank realized the transfer was a mistake, it tried to take the money back. But the request was rejected because the money was no longer available in that account.

Spadoni worked as a 911 dispatcher for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. She has since been fired following her arrest.

Captain Jason Rivarde from the sheriff’s office said, “It’s not her money. She has no legal claim to that money. Even if it was put in there by mistake, it was an accounting error.”

Spadoni is also facing civil charges after the financing company launched a case against her for failing to respond when they tried to reclaim the money.

The company filed a lawsuit against her on April 6 claiming several attempts were made to contact Spadoni over several weeks, but she did not respond to any of them.

“By her conduct, Spadoni has made it clear she does not intend to return the mistakenly transferred funds,” the lawsuit states.

Detectives have been able to recover 75% of the money so far. The rest, however, has been spent on luxury items, including a 2021 Hyundai Genesis sport utility car, which starts at $48,000.

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12 Thoughts to “Woman Arrested After Refusing to Return $1.2 Million the Bank Accidentally Gave Her”


    Why return the money? It”s obviously OWED her in reparations! Democrats all agree.

    1. Larry

      If the bank made an error it is their mistake and they should learn instead of acting like she stole the money. They were just stupid and careless and they should be the ones to pay. Not her

      1. Linda

        She knew the money was not hers as she only put the 86 dollars in the account. The fact she moved the account tells you or it should tell you she had no intention of returning it. Very stupid move for someone who had a good job and totally threw it all out the window.

  2. Why am I not surprised.

    1. JJ

      My feelings exactly.

    2. Elaine

      An honest person would have notified the bank an returned it immediately. Instead she took it knowing it did not belong to her an bought stuff. Throw her in jail

  3. Rocky Rhodes

    Depending upon the contract made when the account was opened, she may have a right to the money which was carelessly transferred to her account. Sh might have the responsibility to return the money. It depends upon the contract.

    The lady should have some decency and offer to return some or all of the money. The financial services organization should ask, not demand, that the funds be returned. They messed up, not her.

  4. Marc Komenan

    I would keep this money, spend as much as I can and let the legal system play out. I for one don’t give back free money. Leave her alone !!!!!

  5. wmyn

    I do not consider this free money, it belongs to someone. If she wanted to be a thief she should have taken it and moved to a country where she can not be extradited.

    I wonder what else she has done. Clearly has an issue with morals and ethics.

  6. Mickey Bitsko

    Boy…She looks like such an upstanding citizen

  7. I remember quite a few years back that I purchased Kraft American Cheese. In the package it said I had won a bicycle. I purchased
    another package and won another bicycle and I decided something was wrong with these awards. I called the company and
    reported this and did not take the award. I honestly believe that I would do the same with $. It wouldn’t be honest. That is my
    problem with honesty. I’m too honest and I love it!

  8. Holly Dutton

    Just because the $1.2 million dollars was accidentally deposited in her bank account does not mean it’s hers. Her refusal to return the money is stealing. She had better return that money right now or she’ll end up behind bars.

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